How to Wear Short Jean Skirts?

Summer is coming and with it, the heat! Nothing better in this year’s period to leave the free, light and loose legs! A good option is a piece of old clothes already, but it always comes back to the walkways and boardwalks of Brazilian cities: the short denim skirt!

Also known as “skort” (junction skirt – skirt – with short), short denim skirt is a good choice for you to escape the heat while getting comfortable and feminine! It also leaves you stylish and gives a charm more to your look: the piece looks like a short, but it is not; It seems skirt, but more than that!

This garment emerged in the early twentieth century, when women began to practice sports such as tennis and cycling. If you watch a tennis match, you will see athletes using the model today! It is also likely that you have already used as a child at a birthday little party or even in school uniform!

The short finasteride skirt on appears as a trend for summer 2016. The model will be sold in various colors and shapes, but the great protagonist is the jeans! Classic, never goes out of fashion and is easy to match! The market also offers a variety of styles to suit all types of women: basic, with light wash, darker tones with applications, fringes, frayed and torn. Just choose your own!

A few seasons ago, the short skirt was successful with an asymmetrical modeling and tailoring fabrics. Now, the classic jeans, has everything to popularize this summer: it is a very versatile and comfortable piece.

How to Use?

You can use in many situations: on the day, with basic blouses or shirts, with undergrowth, sneaker and even tennis. Also use your short denim skirt on more special occasions with high heels and a shirt, for example. Check out some tips:

  • Look astray: use with shoes and shirt!Levinha a mesh or a sweatshirt fall also very good!
  • Modern look: use with shirt and blazer.Add an accessory such as a necklace or bracelet colorful!
  • Look hard: band shirt, plaid shirt, boots and accessories with applications and spikes will leave you with a visual and rock n’roll!
  • Look classic: invest in a lightweight fabric blouse or a shirt. Foot, a sneaker of pointed or rasteirinha will leave you beautiful! Do not miss it!
  • Look ballad: not dispense high heels!Compose the look with a black blouse (the little black dress) or brightness.

How Much?

The average price of a short denim skirt is $59.90. If you look good, you’ll find cheaper models. There skirts more expensive jeans, but there depends on your willingness to spend and model to attract more attention. Anyway, it is worth investing in this piece is versatile, comfortable, feminine and that certainly will not go out of fashion!