How to Wear Maxi Dresses

As soon as it gets warm, the Celebrity Women throw in long summer dresses. And rightly so: Nothing is as casual and comfortable as a Maxi-Dress. And no, the parts are not just for big women! STYLE BOOK has styling tips for each figure.

How to Wear Maxi Dresses

Which Maxi Dress is What Figure Type?

Maxi Dresses flatter every figure type – assuming you choose the right model. Show large women like Gigi Hadid (l.), Little ladies like Miroslava Duma (2nd from left), petite models like Alessandra Ambrosio (2nd from right) and girls with curves like Daisy Lowe (r.), How it’s done! Which Maxi-dress is what figure? Please click continue…

For long dresses you need long legs ? This prejudice has had its day. Maxi Dresses are namely every woman-provided you choose the right strapless summer dress for your figure.

1 Figure: Curvy
Do: Put on rather loose sections, called Hängerchen: you caress your curves and let including appear narrower. Uni conceal, but also filigree patterns as small polka-dots or Mille-Fleurs prints are suitable for you. Their ideal: vertical stripes!
Do not: Do not wear waisted cuts, but please not with flashy, wide belt!

2. Figure: petite
Do: Put on thick with patterns, floral prints, lace or fringe-that provides optical for a little more volume.Also a deep neckline or cut-outs you can wear: This gives your stature femininity. Toll: you can not afford thin carrier and delicate fabrics.
Do not: Oversized Walle dresses! There you drown.

3.Figure: small Do: A belt in place conjures long legs, best just below the chest. A deep V-neck stretched optically. And of course a great high heels. Do not: A Maxi-Dress, which goes up to the ankle, is not for you.Models up to just above the ankle you are better.

4.Figure: Large Do: Rough Pattern, West, a belt at the waist, pronounced accents that break in length. This gives your long silhouette shape. For the length, you can let off steam: From Midi to ground long you is everything. Even on flat shoes! Do not: Plain colored, shapeless Maxi Dresses – therein you act lanky. Also know the stars, how best to dress their forms. STYLE BOOK shows curvy, petite, small and large celebrity women: in the gallery!