How to wear Makeup on Halloween

Approaching the scariest year notes. That must be addressed with an appropriate look! And especially with a make-up capable of surprising. Aggressive, imaginative, fun. E ‘Halloween!

Aaaarghhh! If someone scream of fear in front of your “ordinary” trick even while sitting at your office desk, it would be very embarrassing. But if the same thing happens in the unique night, spooky, long-awaited Halloween would be a great success. Because Halloween must be absolutely “beautiful to fear”, spectrally shocking, darkly fascinating. And this, almost entirely, is obtained thanks to the trick: original, sophisticated, aggressive, bold. Just with a successful trick, combined with an absolutely minimal clothing and black-oriented to achieve a certain effect. Here is a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the right look for the night most unusual and unconventional year. Bearing in mind the only true and fast rule which is absolutely prohibited escape. And that is that there is no rule! Dare is the watchword.

Halloween: the night of makeup Extreme!

From which then? Well, of course, from his face because a real fear-look can only go from there. And for this we have basically two ways: focus on typical characters like that and be inspired by their “terrible” make-up or consider our face as a blank slate on which to experiment for a night daring combinations, colors never tested or themed decorations as fake scars, bruises, cuts or sutures. In both cases, some must remain valid measures: 1) The pallor: Halloween must, as far as possible, be white cadaveric because, if we are in Night of the Living Dead, for once this feature is considered sinister beauty! Better if the whole is further accentuated by red lipsticks accesses fire or purple or with colors to suit the occasion. 2) all-black if the skin must tend to white, everything else is basically oriented to black, starting with the contour eyes. Give some nice shot decided to black pencil and make so your penetrating gaze, deep and fascinating. The contrast will be very effective. 3) colored lenses: the masterstroke of an original and provocative look is eye color deliberately “unnatural.” You can dare to red or gold, or resort to more gettonato white / silver. 4) Nail-art extreme: the nails, from time immemorial, alone inspire fear and suggest aggression. They are therefore a key element for a shocking look. The surface of your nails – by the way, preferably long, of course-is to be considered in Halloween occasion a real laboratory. If you are experienced you can launch yourself from the sun, always use the black, or alternatively orange-pumpkin, as a base color for your creations that will be the most bizarre, the better.

To inspire

If you have chosen option-one, or want to inspire you to some character known theme, here’s a small gallery where you can certainly find the right talent. It starts from the very classic course for him and her: the timeless Dracula (even in its generic degeneration of vampire or vampire), the rocky Frankenstein or the funereal Morticia Adams are certainly among the most popular characters. If you want to venture a little ‘more you can get inspiration from the movies and characters such as Hannibal The Cannibal-maybe you could greet friends with a “Have dinner guests?-Or pitturarvi the blue face like those of Avatar. Last interesting idea? The “fables damaged”: how about a Little Red Riding Hood in horror key or a bloody Cinderella? In short, to the imagination!