How to Wear Long Winter and Summer Fashion Skirt

Tips for learning how to wear long skirt

Order wildcard in the closet and sweetheart between anonymous and famous, fashionistas or not, the long skirt still shares the opinion of some people, who do not know if they can or should use this model skirt.Many women have doubts about whether the long skirt will flatten them or not, will highlight something or not what they want and especially where to wear the long skirt.To get all your doubts out once and for all, learn how to wear a long skirt.

How to wear long skirt: short women

The short ones are most when talking about doubts about how to wear long skirts, because there is the fear of appearing flat or even smaller.If not used properly, the long skirt will rather cause the flattening effect, but with the right tricks it is possible to create a longiine look and gain a few inches.

That way, if you are shorter choose a long black skirt, because it sharpens and lengthens the silhouette.Also, prefer to create a monochrome look or with matching tones, creating a color block, which will make you look taller.

Also, avoid using the belt to avoid unnecessary splitting in the visual.On the feet, sandals and heeled shoes covered by the skirt guarantee more centimeters.

How to wear long skirt: women with wide hip

If your problem is how to disguise or not evidence the wide hips, opt for a long skirt with straighter modeling, avoiding the rounder and bulky versions.So, nothing to hide your hip under cloths and yes, delimit the space, modeling and ensuring a more harmonious look.

Combine with sweeter, smoother blouses, ensuring a less-than-full-body look.If you prefer, opt for dark pieces that give the feeling of stretching.Vibrant colors, however, are not exempt, as are prints – preferably, the girls.

On the feet, sandals, heeled shoes or even sneakers if height is not your problem.

How to wear long skirt: evening events

The long skirt is a wildcard piece for more casual everyday looks, especially for times during the day. But how to wear long skirt for evening events?

In these cases, the important thing is to use pieces that instill more sophistication to the visual, like choosing a skirt of glitter, for example. You can also invest in a more basic skirt, such as a black or printed and caprichar in accessories, such as maxicolar and bracelets, for example.

It is also essential that the shoe follow the same line of sophistication and is therefore a high heel sandal, a scarpin or a peep toe .Hand out your sneakers to ensure a more sophisticated look.

How to wear long skirt:formal events

One is deceived who thinks that it is not possible to use the long skirt for more formal events, like going to work, for example, since being a piece of sober length is perfect for situations that ask for greater formality.

So, to create a look for the job, combine the long skirt with a leather belt and a neutral silk shirt like white or black.A metal belt also gives extra visual sophistication, which should be completed with a blazer and a neat sneaker or jumping shoe.

Already for events like cocktails or even weddings bet on a long colored skirt and a blouse with details such as sparkles and applications. Complete with a heel shoe and be sure to cast off with a refined clutch .

How to wear long skirt:Slit

Who wants a more sensual or less sober look with a long skirt should opt for slotted models, since they guarantee an extra sensuality to the production.While there is no problem with the silhouette elongation issue, care must be taken with the slits to ensure a harmony in the visual.

So, combine the long skirt with slits with t-shirts inside the skirt or even mango blouses and no décolleté. While it is an option, combining a long slotted skirt with a cropped top can be visually polluted.

How to wear long skirt:with transparency

For a long time the long skirt is not only made of knitwear, it is made in the most diverse fabrics, and therefore, the long skirt with transparency is an option for those who want a less sober and cooler look.

So you can choose a long skirt of flowing fabric with transparency from finished length or a long lace skirt with transparency, creating a modern look and full of attitude.Gather with fluffy or knit shirts and shirts.On the feet, a shoe more delicate and that combines with all the visual.

Therefore, how to wear the long skirt will depend on your style and, as important as, the situation in which it will be worn. Check out the guide on to make sure you get rid of jaw-dropping productions.