How to Wear Leggings

Leggings-one of the most original items of clothing which, in addition to decorative, perform other functions: warm feet and socks to prevent friction between the body and obuvki. Kakvo and how to wear pants?




Leggings (FR.)-This type of lock cloth applicator peaks form or warm socks to wear on obuvkite. Parvonachalno they were made ​​of leather or thick material, and later-on plata. Nay often gray, they are designed to protect the foot soldiers of injuries and hipotermiya. Kogato socks they were in the female wardrobe, and they began to perform decorative funktsiya. Yarki sports socks became a symbol of the eighties, and ballet leggings have become an integral part of the working wardrobe dancers.


Today there are some fashion rules that say about how and what you can wear leggings. Leggings-it’s part of everyday life garderob. Te can not be worn with evening dress or a walk ofis. No definitely be vazmozhno. Obiknoveno

wear socks because of the cool weather, or to hide figure flaws (eg, thin legs). Gaiters emphasize style: made ​​of different materials (wool, leather) today leggings it is often the only decoration feet to si. Mozhete choose to match their clothes, can be found contrasting combinations that will attract the attention of passersby.


Summer version: dress or skirt often reveal flaws krakata.S large knitted gaiters can be visually condense legs make volume prasetsa.Ponyakoga this part worn with flip-flops or sandals lyato.Tezi socks can be made of lightweight materials and are used more for decoration legs and draw attention to the elegant shikolotkam.


In the off season, denim leggings, which are available on EmilyLeggings, complement the set of cloak and roklya. Ponyakoga leggings worn under boots or boots, thereby visually lengthen your legs and creating additional heat footrest.


It is worth noting that the socks should be chosen, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of the figure: If you have short legs, it is best to choose socks with vertical stripes if calves thin or imperfect formigamashi with interior pattern of movement will help to hide this nedostatak. Feminine look any time of year, but do not get sick at the same time-a task that is vazmozhno. Prosto need to wear socks!


Avoid overheating your feet summer as the allocation of sweat threatening foot fungus and other zabolyavaniya.V midst of warm socks is better not to wear.

Good advice

Do not combine silk dress and boots with wool chorapi. Vazhno to remember that some materials and textures are well suited for each other.