How to Wear Fashionable Women’s High Waist Pants

Look inspirations for wearing high waist pants

During the 1970s , in the disco era , high-waist trousers saw their heyday, becoming the almost official dress of the people of the time and thus remained for a few years, until they fell into disuse. However, as of 2010, high-waisted trousers have returned to female productions, gaining world-famous fans.

According to holidaysort, the high waist trousers have a waistband above the waistline, which can be light or markedly higher. Because of this, it has a larger zipper and can often have several buttons as adornments. This piece is indicated for those who have a larger torso than the legs, but can be used by everyone, stretching the silhouette, disguising a breech, giving a sensation of height or simply creating a production with more refined and full of personality jeans.

Models of Women’s Fashion Pants

The high waist pants have been reinvented and continue to gain more and more versions. Currently it is possible to find high waist pants in different models, ideal for various styles, body types and occasions.

– Skinny

The skinny model of high waist trousers is very close to the body, creating and highlighting curves, giving a more dry and basic look. It’s perfect for taller and thinner ones, but it’s not because of this that plus size can not wear, since there are many high-waist pants in skinny model in larger numbers and perfect for the body.


The flare model is also known as bell mouth and is a more faithful re-reading of the pants used in the 70’s. The high waist pants in the flare model is slightly more tight at the hips, opening its width as it approaches the feet, With a much wider mouth.

This type of model creates a look full of personality and style and is perfect for anyone who wants to stretch out and look taller, especially when used with heels.It is indicated for those who do not want to mark the hip very much, balancing the proportions.

– Carrot

The carrot model is almost like an intermediate between the skinny and the flare, as it is slightly wider at the hip, tapering slightly until it reaches the ankles.It is generally best suited for those who are not too keen on appearing taller, since their length is at ankle height instead of reaching the heel.Depending on the wash, it is the perfect model for a more sober and refined look.

Build your look

Chosen the right type of model for you, you can still choose which color or wash you want in your pants, which can create from more basic visuals to riskier and daring visuals.Write down the tips for a perfect look.

– Light wash

High waist trousers with a light wash are usually best suited for casual looking outfits, such as going out for a walk, going out with friends, or going out for the day.Combine with a white undershirt on the pants, heeled sandals and an aviator-style jacket for a basic look, but nothing bland.

If you want a more dressy look, opt for a silk blouse also inside the pants and blazer or leather jacket.

Already a more sporty look is achieved immediately with a cropped style blouse, showing a little skin or a tied blouse.Finally, a thin belt and sneakers on the feet.

– Dark wash

The dark wash, in turn, almost always refers to more formal and sober looks, often going to places that ask for more serious dressing, such as at work, for example.For this, use a high-waist dark or even black wash pants, silk blouse on the inside of the blouse and a wide belt accenting the look.

For a more casual look, get inspired by the actress Grazi Massafera: wear your high-waisted trousers with a thin silk undershirt on the inside of the blouse and a delicate heeled sandal.

– Stamped or colored

If you style your head and street style , do not think twice about playing high-waist trousers in their printed or colored versions – and in that style is even white pants.

Wear your high waist trousers with pied poule or floral print with a vibrant color shirt that matches the print.You can also combine with a shorter knit or sweater.

Already in the case of colored pants, opt for a neutral-tone blouse or even jeans shirt. If you do not want to wear it into the pants, tie a knot in the piece, creating a unique look. If the trousers are white, take the opportunity to throw yourself in printed blouses and full of personality, such as blouses in animal print or ethnic print.

For the definitely more stylish ones, combine your embossed or colored high waist pants with a suspender, creating a look that will draw attention to wherever you go.

High waist pants can be your biggest ally when it comes to creating a look that comes off unsightly and un-styled options, refreshing and streamlining your look effortlessly.