How to Wear Earrings If I’m Allergic

Earrings are wonderful accessories that add value to a production, be they small or large, always give an Up in visual, not all people can make use of these pieces because they are allergic.
The earrings or allergy contact dermatitis cause very unpleasant symptoms like swelling in the skin, burning, itching, blistering and possible injuries, for this reason, many open hand to use, but all is not lost, with any tricks you can bypass this allergy and use and abuse Nice earrings.

First, let’s understand what actually causes allergies. Well, many earrings and jewelry have on your extremely allergenic nickel composition. Then you think: so if I buy gold won’t have problem … Not always.

The truth is, even in gold earrings is sometimes used nickel because it cheapens the product – when this is made with pure gold, its value is very high. Therefore, when buying an earring of gold or silver, ask the seller what the composition, with that material was made and nickel.

So how to solve this? How to wear earrings if I’m allergic? Go to tips … If no conditions at the moment to buy a pure jewel – which is usually a lot more man-choose surgical steel or titanium parts, that you hardly will cause allergic reactions, and better mimic perfectly to silver.

But if you really liked a joke, you know that’s going to cause allergies and even so wants to use, pass enamel colorless in the area that will have contact with the ear; to ensure be generous in coats to stay secure (less risk of allergies).

You can also find herbal ointments and creams cortisone or antihistamines, which help in healing, but beware: Don’t experiment with your skin. Find a dermatologist who can assess your case and give you a specific remedy to avoid until other possible allergies.

If done all this, do not have how to use the earrings, the way is changing accessories, making use of bracelets, rings, strands, anyway, use your imagination. Just don’t play with your health because health is serious business.