How to Wear Crochet Skirts:Models, Tips, Looks!

Crochet skirts have appeared as a big trend in recent times, coming back straight from the ’70s, where they were used and abused by hippies .A democratic piece, with the layout similar to that of lace knit and that can accompany you through various seasons and environments.

The crochet weave brings with it a romanticism that can be allied to a rustic or more refined look depending on its composition in the look and the style of crochet used in the piece.Wide stitches are associated with the more beachy and sensual outfit depending on its composition, suitable for clubs, cruises and the beach.Closer, thin-line wefts make everyday wear more structured skirts, which can be very stylish when combined with a blazer and beautiful tailoring.

Over here you can notice that you can compose many looks , different aspects with crochet skirts and abuse the look that gives regardless of your style. Here ehistorylib provides the tips:

  • Boho Chic Style

For those who do not know or have not yet understood what it is, the boho chic style is a trend that mixes hippie and bohemian look. Well despoiled, I fused the vintage and the modern and already fell in the taste of several celebs out there.

Want to adopt the style?The crochet skirt can be a great request for anyone who wants to increase the look inside this idea!

Combine it with shirts, thin fabric blouses, leather jackets and blazers.Its look is retro in the right measure adding basic modern touches.

  • Rocker Style

More daring, funky women and more rocker style fans can also take advantage of the crochet skirts in the look.

Invest next to the skirt, in a t-shirt printed, or who knows a lighter shirt. Combine this with a leather jacket, some more funky accessories like necklaces. You look really cool and rocker.

  • Classic style

For the most classic women who look for more elegance and credibility in the look, the shirt with fine fabric and without print compose a sensational look next to the crochet skirt, for any time of the day.

Praiano Style

The crochet, of beginning is associated with this visual. With the wide dots and thicker lines home perfectly. To create a look for the beach, pool, a look to parade through the club, bet on the skirts with the wider web and can wear only with underwear.Add to your look beach sunglasses and that hat.

  • Create a counterpoint

To create a more modern and even more elegant look, create against stitches with tailoring.Balance the rustic look of the crochet skirt with other more dense pieces, but without losing your femininity.

Never combine two pieces of crochet in the same production, always maintain elegance and style, combine according to your personal taste and what most matches your body. Create a rocker , fashion or elegant look, but always look for the differential next to the crochet skirt.

  • On the feet

In an attempt to keep the retro and seek the counter point with your crochet skirt, bet on sneakers, slippers, high heels and short-barreled boots.

Invest in high heels with glitter and that will make your look even more modern.Also worth a sneaker or rasteirinha, for those who are already very tall or not very familiar to the heights, but bet in more elaborate and chic shoes.

If you are short, avoid the boots, even with a short barrel, they will lower your legs.A good tip is to wear a shoe with free feet and the good old friend of the small ones, the high heel, preferably with a similar tone of your skirt.

  • Handmade

That crochet is even more beautiful, handmade, but with a more summer look.If you want to break this summer idea, match your skirt with dark tones and put jackets and coats overlapping.

  • Casual x Sophisticated

If you are in doubt as to the environment you are going to wear with your look and the fear of getting out of context, keep in mind that to be very sophisticated you will have to combine your skirt with fine fabrics, tailoring, overlapping with blazers , high.

But if you go for a walk in the park you can combine more peacefully, the piece itself already brings a relaxing air.

The contraindication is for workplaces that require of you a lot of credibility.

Now we have tips on how to combine and where to use each. Everyone can go around abusing the crochet skirt, be the model shorter, in a more beachy, more sophisticated look … The important thing is to feel good and sweep the look!