How to Wear Colorful Women’s Fashion Pants!

The colored trousers appeared in the 80s and began to become popular in 90, they fell into oblivion for a while, but in 2010 they returned to the streets and conquered hearts. A good request for any season of the year, in various colors, tones and models, pleases all types of women and gives life to the look.

When it comes to assembling the outfit with colored pants, it’s more style than rules. But, there are some valid tips that can help you in composition.

  • The colorful pants become the focus of the look, so we should be careful with the exaggerations. If the focus is on the bottom, be careful not to try to draw attention to two different places. The other items in your look should be more discreet.
  • More classic women can combine colored trousers with more neutral tops. Already the most modern and cool can bet on sweaters and shirts prints.
  • Pastel colors bring more femininity to the look . If you want to choose more romantic and sweet colors for your colored pants, choose a mint green, blue or baby pink, yellow or even light orange. Any tone in a lighter version brings that touch to your look.
  • For less casual environments, use darker colors on your pants and you can wear blazer to accompany, leaving the look more formal. The blazer hides the arms, helping to give a more elegant look to your outfit. Do not forget that neutral color shirts also help to be serious.

But, do not use in too formal settings, the colored pants are stripped by themselves, which can make the look inappropriate depending on the occasion.

  • In more casual and informal environments, abuse all colors without fear!
  • The colors of winter are more closed and dark and those of summer are more open and strong, bringing more joy to the visual.
  • For weddings, dinners and events of the same type, you can adopt colored pants, but choose more noble fabrics like tailoring.
  • Modeling your pants also makes a big difference to the sophistication of the look, so opt for one that enhances your body, but give the outfit an elegant and fine look.
  • You can create a color blocking look , which is the tendency to combine several vibrant colors in the same production. This look is very cheerful and fashionista . Enjoyed it? Follow some tips:
  1. In this style there is no contraindication of color. Mix and enjoy.
  2. For a very vibrant look, bet on opposing colors on the pieces.
  3. Want a little more restrained look? Analog colors can help you! Such as pink and lilac, red and orange.
  4. Now the accessories and exaggerations are welcome.
  5. Keep in mind that it will draw attention to the look, so to adopt this look it is necessary to be a woman decided and full of style.

Now, knowing the basic tips to build your look with colorful pants, it’s time to learn how to value your body with this look.

For the chubby ones:

Bet on tighter pants modeling.Fancy women have the impression that wider clothing disguises their curves, but it is the exact opposite.So show off your body and explore what you love about it!

To enhance your shape, you can count on a longer top, it helps who has a wider hip.

For the little ones:

Modeling of dryer pants and bars up to heel height.The old good friend, high heels, whenever possible, is a good ally of the younger women.

For the lean:

Leaner women can abuse in vibrant colors and wider pants.

Ready to abuse the colors in your pants? The colored trousers come in more sophisticated or stripped looks. As a final tip, for those who want a more casual and fun look, opt for sneakers, slippers and sneakers in the shoe and high heels for the most elegant ones.

Do not forget to keep your balance and do not overdo the accessories if your intention is not the visual color block.And choose the color of your colored pants based on the color that most suits your skin tone, so you will not have to be bad, right?

We are all equipped with lots of information and tips, properly prepared to display the colorful pants looks. So, abuse the ideas and colors and remember that before following any tips or rules, the important thing is to feel good about the clothes you choose.

What do you think about the pictures of models of colored trousers for women?