How to Wear a Tie with Shirt

Choice and decorum

Decency wants that you never wear two days on the same tie or tie two days in the same week. The secret is in the no repetition. the ties should be an asset and not a calendar!

The choice must be based on a matching of colors and patterns. The assortment of your tie and your shirt will immediately reveal your contact your tastes, your personality and will contribute to your credibility. If the clothes don’t make the man, the tie made respectable man!

The shirt

If it is possible in theory to wear the tie with all types of shirts, it’s in bad taste to wear it with American collars (collar with buttons). The most suitable passes are Italian collars or classic collar. Mao collars do not lend themselves to the tie.

Stitched or contrasting collars can add the effect if they return to the color of the tie.

Parts of tie

Tie must be done so that the tip of the great pan of the tie comes in the middle of the belt. We can never see the little piece of tie. Always get the small pan in the past-pan (or default label of claw) to keep it attached to the great pan when sudden movement or switching the tie to the front.

The stem of col

The necklace is a metal bar that serves to hold the two ends of the collar of shirt together. It lets you make your showier tie and highlight the crux of shirt. The use of the collar pin (pin collar) is only suitable for couture costumes. It is also very excessive for a daily wear. To book for special occasions.