How to Wear a Stole in Summer

To know how to wear a stole is fundamental to every modern woman. This type of accessory often associated with wedding look elegant, it can be completed with the same refined style even more casual outfits and easy chic, glamorous adding a feminine touch. To date, stoles are made ​​in different colors, shapes, sizes and materials, so they are really lots of possibilities to realize fashionable pairings with this article trend.

Just as it is important to know to wear a headscarf in original ways and always in step with the dictates of the coolest of the season, it is equally vital to a modern fashion victim match appropriately stole, avoiding color contrasts and clashes just proper materials.

As you can imagine, the stole is designed to be especially combined with formal dress, a thin piece of rectangular cloth mainly designed to cover their backs. As the summer wedding gowns can be made ​​more chic and saucy through stoles in pastel shades, preferring short models to those who have too long inevitably allure more winter. The new collections offer stoles with cut-out cuts to weave the two ends of the article, with fringed pendants or with jeweled brooches to be fastened around the neck.

Taking care to match the jewelry to the clothes in the right way, the stole may also be coordinated with the jewelry, preferring contrasting colors rather than items in the same key. The winter always celebrates the triumph of stoles fur, real or ecological, and as you can see in the pictures that we have selected in our photo gallery, the possibility of combining this head are many: the bloggers who love to wear items sporty chic coordinate stoles pastel with sneakers and dark trousers, ones related to elegant outfits prefer to wear the stole as a cape on blazers or on coats .

Also very beautiful looks with stoles long fixed under a belt along the waistline, as we would with a pashmina. Needless to say, the longer stoles can easily be worn as scarves or scarf, annodandole around his neck and if you want, even putting them around the head. The models animal are recommended mainly coordinated with outfits in total black, while versions crochet cotton, the heart of the summer 2015 collections, can also be combined with shorts and leaders in 70’s style.

Take a look at the look with the stole that we included in our photo gallery, which is what you’ll run to copy?