How to Wear a Shirt and Camisole

Smooth or embossed, shirts and camisetes have stood out among the fashion trends thanks to its versatility. They can be worn both in winter and summer and combine with several pieces, so they have earned their place in women’s clothing.

The shirts are generally wider and refer to the masculine style. Some are embossed and can be worn with a belt to mark the silhouette and make the look more feminine. They are great pieces to match jeans or leggings, especially long-sleeved shirts.

You can also put on a look with an open printed shirt over a smooth tank top, an easy way to change the look. Shirts are the best option for those who have a few extra pounds.

T-shirts are shorter and tighter than shirts and can have long or short sleeves. They leave the body well defined and look better on those who are at peace with the scale. The T-shirts make a nice combination with jeans in a more informal composition or with pants pantalona in a more serious look.

The tight-fitting, long-sleeved T-shirt models feature charm with maxi skirts , pleated skirts and high-waisted jeans. In this case, it is more advisable for the camiset to be of a lighter and softer fabric to sit better under the other piece.

Shirts and T-shirts are far from fashionable. As they are basic items of the wardrobe of any woman, they can be used in several occasions composing the most diverse styles and looks, without having to buy many different pieces.

By changing only the accessories and varying in the pieces like skirts, shorts and pants, you assemble completely different looks with the same shirt or camisete countless times, thus being an economical alternative to dress well. See how easy it is to create combinations with a shirt or camis.