How to Wear a Maxi T-shirt

The Maxi t-shirt, or elongated shirt, with or without cracks, is the face of the summer. Traditional wardrobe pieces tend to make new versions with the change of seasons, and now is the time of the t-shirt gain new language, more modern and charming.

Let’s see the play fairly now, in different looks, as the Maxi t-shirts are present in virtually every younger or casual stores. It should appear, even if it’s not the kind of piece that the brazilian over seeks. The side slits bring more movement, while the front are sexy, but may be inadequate for places where you need to be with a look more serious or formal.

How to use the Maxi t-shirt

The t-shirt stretched allows a nice variety of uses, and the choice will according to your personality and personal style. One of the ways is to assume as a dress, even if the crack is too short to be one of fact. Place with a proper, with the bar almost flush with the cover. Used in this way it is a good option for those who do not give up a more sexy, as it leaves skin showing.

You can also bet on the combination with pants as suggested by this article, which will make the item look like a shirt. Can place with leggings, skinny or driest parts in the region of the thigh, which fall well. If you are taller, can even put a flare, as long as the opening is not as wide.

Want a larger range of combinations? It can also look like a standard shirt in those days when you don’t want too daring: can be transformed easily. Just put on the inside of the skirt long or midi, and is a basic look and, at the same time, well produced.

In the feet, you can use delicate creeping or more rustic, with strips and similar materials to leather. Depending on the look, sandals or shoess are also appropriate heel. To compose a production street, you can bet on tennis moderninhos, whites are super high.

The care not to err in the Maxi t-shirt

Depending on the length the new t-shirt can flatten the silhouette, so take a look at the time of opening to reduce this effect. If it is coordinated with pants can create this effect. And for whom is small is it bad that the crack end or begin in the groin, because it creates a very long torso and legs decreases. You’d better opt for a longer, starting about four fingers below the line of the groin, and complete with a long necklace. Another possibility is to use the high heels, already mentioned.

The fabric is another detail that can make a lot of difference in how you perceive your body, so be careful when choosing: the heavier is the trim, more long torso will be the silhouette. The light can increase because arm as you move.

And always worth that gold Tip: when composing the look look “body of work” in the mirror carefully and see if your proportions are balanced. always look for pieces that let their harmonious shapes.