How to Wash a Sleeping Bag

As with any bedding, you want your sleeping bag to be clean and fresh. Sleeping bags, which are made from below or a synthetic fiber fill, have specific ways to keep them clean and in good condition.

Here are instructions for cleaning sleeping bag.


1 Follow the instructions on the bag or the label that accompanies the sleeping bag. The manufacturer knows best about what works for the particular bag.

2 Clean spots and spills with a sponge when they occur. Pre-treat necks over-filling phenomena stains synthetic sleeping bags before washing.

3 Wash either down or synthetic fiber sleeping bag by hand or in a big washing machine. Washing hands is difficult, because he has a lot of washing to remove the soap.

4 Use a front-loading washing machine or a commercial washing machine. A sleeping bag can be difficult for the machine and vice versa, because the machine agitates approximately with a big bulky item.

5 Zip the bag before washing.

6 Wash the bag down in warm water with mild soap such as Woolite or Ivory Snow detergent not. Do not add bleach or fabric softener. Synthetic fill bags can be washed with normal detergent and fabric softener may be used.

7 Process the bag through another wash cycle without soap -to rinse it out completely. Soap residues can cause agglutination of isolation and loss of loft.

8 Take the bag gently when wet. Press-twist-not the water. Wrap it up into a ball and transfer it to the dryer.

9 Clean a feather sleeping bag occasionally to keep you cool, but also to keep the loft (softness) of underside. Do not dry clean down bags unless the manufacturer insists that, as the cleaning solvents can strip the natural oils feathers.

10 Dry a down bag in very low heat with a rubber-soled athletic shoes cleaned or a tennis ball. This fans down and breaks up clumps in batting. Dry thoroughly before storing bag, although this may take some time.

11 Dry yourself a bag of synthetic filling in low heat, but they can also be dried out. Place it flat to dry.


Use a cloth and a sleeping bag liner. Sleeping bags don’t keep well if over washed. Just Polargard-filled bags can be washed too.

Store the bag properly. If you fill it in your bag, sustained compression of insulation (down or synthetic) will cause the stock market to lose your loft. It is best to hang the bag in a closet or in a extra-large storage bag.

Air a feather sleeping bag out for at least a week before using it if has been dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning solvents are toxic.

Any air bag in the Sun for a few hours to remove odors before use.

Put the sleeping bag away for the station with some baking soda sprinkled in. It will absorb odors and then just brush the baking soda out before you use it again.

Place a large plastic bag in the bottom of the sleeping bag compartment of your backpack. If you expect rain, you can involve your sleeping bag stuffed in plastic for extra protection.

Check inside the bag to the items before washing.

Never use a top-loading machine, agitator type. The synthetic insulation blankets and fragile baffles that hold in place will be stressed, and the purse could be ruined.