How to Use Winter Overlays

Winter has arrived in most of the Brazilian regions with low temperatures, some even below zero.

Winter has arrived in most of the Brazilian regions with low temperatures, some even below zero.But that can be another good reason to compose a cool look and walk very well aligned.To keep your body warm and withstand temperature variations throughout the day, the secret is to dress in layers and for this you have to know how to make the ideal combination between the pieces that we have in the wardrobe, or who knows how to get the pieces key to compose the correct look.So we’ve brought you a step by step how to do it!Learn to use overlapping parts and stand out in this season!

Be different

Authenticity is the watchword in whatever season.Finding your style and making combinations with timeless pieces make all the difference.Mixing styles can be a good starting path until you find your own style.Think of your personal references, such as musical taste, the profession you practice and the hobbies you usually have.Certainly you will know how to compose an original look.

Break the rules

Not even on the catwalks the rules are defined, on the contrary, there is the place to innovate.But on a daily basis good bugs of infractions of the rules of fashion can also give a different touch to your look.Try wearing shirts with the sleeves folded over the sweater.Or even fold the jeans bar out instead of making an Italian bar.Remember: the rules were made to be broken.Innovate you too!

Basic always

A basic shirt is always welcome in the men’s wardrobe.Invest in short-sleeved T-shirts in white, black and graphite.You can make lots of compositions with them, not only in the winter, but especially in the winter to dress them under a shirt or sweater to keep your body warm or with a jacket off.

Ask for joker

A good jacket is a joker piece to make the winter combinations.You can invest in a jacket in dark tones and wear it with a basic shirt underneath.If the jacket has a cool modeling, you can still use it with T-shirts with prints that reveal a little of your personality.

Warm sweater

The sweater is one of those timeless pieces that have always been present in the men’s wardrobe and give the greatest charm to the look of modern man.Be able to be colored or neutral, always with used with a basic shirt underneath.The striped sweater is a very stylish option, and can be used on special occasions.For cold climates, a jacket on top complements the look.

Now, with these tips you can already take your chances with your own combinations.Not being afraid to make a mistake is part of the first step!Bet on the right pieces, stay tuned in fashion trends and gradually build up your winter overlays.

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