How to Use Maxi Necklace

The maxi necklaces are the darlings among women in the current fashion. They are fashion trends in accessories for 2012 and are also betting for 2013 by fashionistas and famous.

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Fashion trends 

The maxi necklaces are accessories that have become absolute success in 2012 and are also betting for 2013. This trend was very noticeable in fashion shows for the next season, such as São Paulo fashion Week.

Through the parades it was possible to realize that the larger necklaces remain high and will be part of the visuals of the famous in 2013. For those who were in doubt in the time to buy a beautiful necklace, the tip is to acquire yours and raze it to the next year.

How to Use Maxi Necklace

Ideal length of necklaces

Chokers: Ideal for women with longer neck;

Short and medium necklace: They are excellent choices for women with large breasts, because the necklace is above the same line;

Long necklaces: Ideal for women who have small breasts, because the necklace deflects attention to another region of the body.

Tips on how to use the maxi necklaces

  1. If it is the first time you will use a maxi necklace, ideally combine it with more basic looks, as they are guaranteed success. A hint is to opt for the basic black or jeans with white shirt.
  2. Do not use many accessories in a single look, the ideal is to use only the maxi necklaces with small earrings and thus prevent the visual from being overloaded.
  3. For the necklaces to be more evident, fasten your hair with ponytails or Cokes are great options. That way the attention will be turned to the necklace.
  4. Women who possess large breasts can opt for thin and long collars, as they lengthen the silhouette and disguise the exaggeration.
  5. Women who like bolder visuals can bet on longer collars covering their shoulders.
  6. For more elegant productions, the ideal is to give preference for fine and intertwined necklaces or even the loose.
  7. For the most cheerful visuals, the colorful necklaces are ideal.

The maxi necklaces are doubtless the trend of current fashion and also for 2013. They are very versatile and combine with various styles. They can be used in various shapes, sizes and colours, composing from modern, classical and basic visuals to the most sophisticated. Bet on this trend of fashion necklaces and rock the look