How to Use Clutch Bag

Female’s first passion is for shoes. According passion for feminine bags! No wonder this statistic, since buying a stock is always on the purchase of shoes. Yes, women only need this excuse to buy a new purse … the shoe is new!

The truth is that we always have a bag that matches the shoes that we wear, so it’s natural to have clutch bags of all sizes, colors and models, and preferably having a reasonable label.

As the shoes are an extension of the legs, the bags are extension of the arm that in the case of clutch bag, which is a handbag, which until recently was used only for very fine events. As the bag was carried in the hands, it stands out nothing more natural from the look-up.


The clutch handbag was created in the 30s and its design is always on the French designer Hèrmes, which was founded by Émile-Maurice in 1837, producing harnesses for horses, but over time began to produce luxury items like silk ties, of Brazilian origin, but the company’s strong points have always been the leather goods.

The creations of Émile-Maurice, usually born of his wife’s needs and thus, should portray the needs of all other women. The use of gloves was very common, and it could not be, lipstick was also something that women did not open hand.

Faced with this demand, a small pouch is created, which would become a third essential item for every woman who attended the parties of high society. And there, in that little bag, women began to carry her lipstick and her gloves.

Since its creation until today, the clutch bag is also an accessory that every woman has. However, contrary to a few decades ago, when they were used only for some important occasions, today, and its use is much more democratic.


There are some basic rules for the use of this small bag, despite being in high society today.

The clutch bag is the perfect format for the hands, so it should not be used under the arm.

With a huge variety of models, sizes, materials used, be careful when using it, otherwise it ceases to be a charming accessory to turn into something bizarre.

Keep in mind that the clutch bag is not meant to carry everything you carry in your bag of day-to-day. One stuffed bag is horrible.

Paying attention to these small details, which is annoying, is that you cannot drop it, or just spend the whole time with her hands. If you are not used to using it, do not buy the first one you find beautiful. Make sure the model meets your needs. As:

  • The model must be in accordance with the places you go.
  • It must be according to your clothes, as suggested by handbagpicks.
  • It needs to suit your needs. In it you will load the necessary items, lipstick, cell phone, documents, and keys.
  • If you’re already used to using the clutch, and make use of it shorn of form or for more elegant events, the ideal is to have at least two.
  • Upon its creation, the clutch was used only at night, now you are free to use it also during the day.

The models are so many that you need to be in tune with material that is on the rise, the trends for the next season, and have the basic for the day and night when you go out to a club and the other for social events.

If you cannot have several or does not need many, opt for neutral color such as black, for example, and for the day, have some models that are wild, they combine with almost any look, such as wicker, floral, metal, plastic, make the right choice. Let evening programs the most stylish.


In any department store you will find the clutch bags in various designs, colors, and textures at various prices. The Animale has some beautiful models, however, are expensive.

It is worth taking a look at the big stores like Renner, Marisa, C & A, Riachuelo. Stores usually cater to all tastes and prices. Do not buy a high value if you are unsure that the acquisition is worth. Start with small, because you will need to train.

One tip is gold: only use what you’re sure to leave at will. Similarly it is not pretty out with a short skirt and you have to keep pulling down, stand not knowing what to do with the bag, hand changing all the time is not beautiful. First your comfort and well-being, otherwise make ugly with something everyone will notice that you are using for the first time.

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