How to Use Cardigans Correctly

The Cardigans (or cardigans) are one of the pieces that are present in all the closets, of different shapes and colors. However, there are some models that are better for some kinds of body than others, and others for certain occasions.

Now that the cold begins to arrive, the cardigan becomes the best friend of any woman. However, doubts about the choice of the best model begin to arise and manifest itself, which can lead, often the bad choices. So I brought some tips on how to use the main models of this piece.

Cardigan short

Is undoubtedly one of the most used templates. By get a classic touch to any look, becomes the main choice of adopting a more discreet style. However, they don’t always wear well. Is not the best option to use long sweaters with this type of cut, as the contrast in the lengths creates enough disproportion in silhouette.

Solution:use with unique pieces (dresses and jumpsuits) or with bass parts climbs (pants, skirts and shorts). We must also pay attention to the length of the jacket do not stay longer than the waist of the dress, skirt or pants.

Oversized Cardigan

Are relaxed and comfortable, and can be used with thick sweaters. What often happens is that there is an exaggeration of widths, this is, often baggy pants and long skirts with jackets, which ultimately give extra volume to the silhouette.

Solution:to balance, you have to wear pants or leggings more fair. In this way, your legs will look more refined.

Cardigan with lapels

This hack is also very used and, most times, confused with the previous model. It turns out that this type of coat is more fair and long. Is often used with short skirts, which is not advised, since it creates Disproportionality in silhouette.

Solution:change the skirts for a pair of dark trousers and to help lengthen the silhouette, taking the maximum potential of the lapels, that will help narrow down the body.

Cardigan boyfriend

This hack is the favorite of almost all us for being comfortable and structured. Turns out it’s not the best option for use with bulky parts and with pleats.