How to Use: Belt

Until the 1920s, women wore corsets to set their waistlines and it should be so tight for the maids that some women would faint for not being able to breathe … all to have a flawless definition of the waist. Today, we can model our body with the help of belts, creating optical illusions, in addition they serve to keep the pants in place and, mainly, to decorate.

Can you breathe in there?

Putting the belt right at the waist, we look like an hourglass, just below the bust, along with an A- shaped dress, disguise the wide hips and so on. But besides thinking about where he should be to value us, we still have to choose the model and, in my opinion, that’s the cool part! Because sometimes it’s too lazy to go to the dressing room to try on some clothes, right?! Experiencing a belt is like trying on shoes:much more practical!

We also know that old myth that the belt should match the shoe and the bag, advised by philosophynearby. Guys, what’s worth combining with the whole look! If you are wearing a yellow shoe will you put on a yellow belt? Often a belt of another color, like black or brown, does this job very well! Even because it can get a little breguitcho to wear belt + shoe + bag of the same color …

1. Belt with trousers

2. Belt with Legging

3. Short jeans belt

4. Belt with other shorts

5. Belt with smooth skirt

6. Belt with printed skirt

7. Belt with sleeveless dress

8. Sleeveless dress belt

9. Belt with fall-down dress

10. Belt Celebrities