How to Troubleshoot a Toy RC Car Transmitter

radio control cars have many different components, but nothing is more critical to the car that the handheld transmitter. The transmitter allows the driver has full control of the vehicle actions of acceleration to turn. If the transmitter is not functioning properly, the fun will be unfortunately come to an end. If you’re lucky, the only problem will be used on the transmitter batteries. If new batteries don’t solve the problem, some simple troubleshooting efforts should have the car rolling again.


1 . check the transmitter and receiver to see if they are the same frequencies. There is a sticker on the remote control frequency, and a module of frequency in the receiver in the vehicle.

2 . check the batteries for the reception of the car unit. Confirm that the rechargeable battery is embedded in the receiver or unscrew the unit with a screwdriver to replace disposable batteries.

3 . turn the antenna clockwise until it is firmly in place. A loose antenna may not receive transmissions from the car.

4 press the receiver cables firmly into all the sockets, so that they are all well within. The transmitter could be OK, but if it is still unable to pick up the signals of the receiver, it may due to incorrectly placed or loose wires, according to behealthybytomorrow.


  • Always remove the batteries in the transmitter and car after use. This prevents leakage of liquid in the inside of the transmitter.
  • Do not take the hand transmitter of separation. The transmitter has sensitive internal parts and must only be repaired by a specialist in repair of mania.