How to Take Care of Your Swimming Goggles

No one wants your glasses get blurred in a competition. It is important to take a moment to take care of your regular swim goggles. Take care of your glasses don’t take much effort or time, but can extend the life and condition of this piece so fundamental to this sport. Next we will show you some tips on how to prolong the life of your goggles.


A new pair of glasses usually will have a film inside the lens fog proof. Often swimmers will clean your glasses with your finger or towel to prevent blurry on the lenses. Some swimmers even use their tongues to clean the lenses, which is known in method to keep the lenses cleaner for longer Care. These methods to get the blurry can cause damage and remove the film. If your goggles at are fogging constantly, there are antiembacantes products that can keep the lens clean for your next activity.

After Swimming

After swimming make sure to wash your glasses in cold water. Removing the chlorine and other chemicals that the pool has, in doing so, will help extend the life of your glasses. Avoid placing it directly to sunlight or in hot water because it can cause the silicone to melt or the lens break. Place the glasses to dry in cool places. Try leaving your glasses as dry as possible before in your purse or backpack. The remainder of the waste of water in glasses can allow bacteria or fungi, and damage your glasses.

For Your Next Swim Meet

Keeping your protective goggles swimming on your protective packaging to prevent risks or exposure to outside elements. Reserving a time to take care of your glasses after each swimming will help keep it in good condition for many activities that are to come.

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