How to Take Care of Jewelry

That they are realized in noble materials or be they of mock objects, your jewelry hold a huge place in your daily life. Yet they tend to tarnish, oxidize or to be less bright with the time. That is why it should be to protect them. To help you then reduce the damage associated with time passing to your jewelry, here are some tips that will help you take care of your jewelry in order to enjoy for as long as possible in good conditions.

First, start with a universal Council, whatever the type of gem. Know that water, shock and intense heat are the worst enemy for your jewelry.So please remove your accessories from time to time in the following situations: when you do sports, when it’s very hot or you are at the beach and when you do your shower or bath.

Well know store them

Although it may seem somewhat outdated, maintain in good condition its jewelry also passes by the fact to put it away. Who hasn’t, at the beginning of his life as a woman, stepped on one of his earrings earrings Pearl coral after leaving the pair hanging out on a shelf? You can blame the cat made it down, there are no less than row in one box worthy of the name, the earring would never have its twisted stem! For her jewelry store, the first thing to do is to sort them by categories.

To help you so much do storage, here’s some storage techniques from It is important to gather her earrings and separate bracelets necklaces. For rings, they have great pleasure to ride beyond your reach at the first opportunity, as well, must wear special attention. Use one box compartments where you can sort each type of jewelry. Thus, it would be much easier to find what you are looking for once. For rings in particular, you can use a display of hand-shaped.