How to Strengthen Your Nails

How to strengthen your nails-tips and recipes

The nails are also very important to women when it comes to beauty. Many of us don’t save efforts to let them always well-made, healthy and, of course, enameled. We wish usually that they are strong and, if possible, long, but without always managed to leave them like that. If your nails are weak and brittle, check out some tips to reverse the situation.

How about you start leaving your nails a few days without any glaze? Giving this home, nails tend to stay stronger, of course. It is still possible to strengthen them using nourishing oils to massage your nails and cuticles.

If your nails are yellowish stains make use this tip and super simple. Cut a lemon in half and sink the finger in a half, until the juice wet your whole nail. Soon they will have your natural coloring. It is also advisable to avoid dark glazes.

To keep your nails stronger, don’t take a lot of the cuticle. It is also shown that if you wear gloves when performing any activity at home, like washing the dishes or use strong cleaners. Before the enamel always pass a Strengthener.

See more this homemade recipe to make strong nails:

Fortifying base


  • A colorless base glass;
  • .5 chopped garlic;
  • A clove.

Preparation:put everything inside your base, take a mixed with his own brush, and ready. Is so simple that it seems that the only effect it will have is the smell of garlic, but you can be sure that your nails will not be smelling. Pass the nail base for two weeks.