How to Start a Toy Car

You can launch a car toy all the way across the room with a launcher in fact from a few common household items. A rubber band Launcher basic toy car can be mounted in a few minutes without no drilling, cutting or pasting. With a little practice you will be able to get the maximum power of the launcher and ship the cars in a straight line. Invite friends to make their own launchers and have careers in distance and speed with various toy cars to determine a winner.


1 . place block of wood on the floor and mark a small dot with a pencil in half of an inch from the side and the extreme edges in a corner. Mark a second point in the same position in the corner adjacent to the same end of the block.

2 drive a wood screw to down on each pencil point until only about a third of screw stays above the surface.

3 . wrap a high resistance rubber band between the two outgoing messages of screw. A pinch of the Kingdom in the Middle rubber band and extend back toward the opposite end of the wooden table. If the rubber band wrinkle easily beyond the rear of the Board, remove and bend over before putting it back into the posts.

4 keep the Launcher firmly on the ground as you press the rear bumper of the toy car to the center of the rubber band and pull back to the other end of the table.

5 . free Launcher toy car when the rubber band is fully stretched and the car’s four wheels are pressed to the wood.


  • Decorate the Launcher with stickers or with painted flames toy car to give a personal touch.
  • Replace the rubber band if it begins to dry out or tear to avoid breaks potentially painful during use.

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