How to Select Clothing Colors

Color trends are all well and good – but unfortunately not every color for each type of fit. In particular complexion and hair color make up much. Therefore, there is a small color and type consultation customer today.

You can align a lot with colors. If you know what colors to fit and flatter your type, then you not only automatically more comfortable feel but gleam your well-being also from: emphasize your look, your charisma and your mood with the right colors.

What colors are me and fit to my skin tone?

The spring type

If you count the types of spring, you have a warm, light skin tone. Freckles are common. Your hair is light blond, has a gold shimmer, or is already in the red. Also, your eyes are bright, and watery blue, or light brown.

  • Warm and bright colors fit especially to friends.
  • You can very well carry trendy colors like apricot, coral, lobster and salmon.
  • Also lime green and warm brown tones are friends.
  • The spring type should avoid this dull tones and bluish nuances.

The summer type

Also the summer type has a light complexion. Your hair can be also bright, but with an Ashy undertone. Also rather bright shades of Brown are among the summer types. The eyes are clear in a rich color – aquamarine, hazelnut Brown or greyish green.

  • Subdued and delicate colors are just right for you.
  • Your plus size outfit Mint or rich blue and lilac could include for example Bordeaux, dusky pink, raspberry, Taupe,.
  • Elegant wool white suits you well, pure white, however, would not be optimal.

The autumn type

On the autumn type notice especially the Maroon or coppery hair. The eyes are usually brownish or go into the countryside, the skin is bright, partly with a pale, olive undertone.

  • Earth tones are here!
  • Mustard yellow and beige, brick red or dark Bordeaux, petrol, orange or Eggplant and rich chocolate brown.
  • You should avoid rather pale tones, cool bluish tones grey with your plus size outfit.
  • Color theory States that autumn types should prefer also waive bright colors.I find pop tones with them but just fine

The winter type

The winter type could also be called snow white type. He is pale, has dark hair and especially blue or brown eyes in all possible color variations.

  • To the winter types fit ideally bright colors, blue undertones are “allowed”.
  • Red, pink, Royal Blue or bright blue and deep purple fit very well.
  • Hardly a color type can wear so much black, white and gray as the winter type!

Tendencies which are not carved in stone, of course, are all. There are also some mixed types. In case of doubt: try goes over studying!

Stop friends alternately colored parts before the mirror. What color is more harmonious, makes you seem fresher and brighter?