How to Remove Scratches from Watches


When a dial of a watch gets scratched, sorry, especially if the object has a certain economic value or sentimental. It is impossible to remove the scratches present. Here’s how to delete from the dial of the watches for signs that with the passage of time are out because of a collision with a mobile or an accidental fall.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • A newspaper.
  • Some cotton ball.
  • scarlet letter abrasive P 800;P 1200; P 1500.
  • Some water.
  • mild detergent for glass and plexiglass.

If the scratches are deep (you notice immediately), do not we risk further damaging the watch, rather let us go to a goldsmith or a skilled watchmaker. Often in these cases the best solution and replace the dial ruined. Even if it costs a few tens of euro acquistiamolo no problems if the clock is worth as much. The riavremo back as new.

With the newsprint and a pinch of toothpaste, you get results, if the problem is not serious. We pick up the clock and, with polish paste for a few minutes without rubbing too. Another simple method is the one with the use of the liquid for polishing metals. We pour a sip on a wad of cotton and rub it on the area to be treated without any circular motion, to avoid the risk of causing scratches more, being the slightly abrasive substance. Especially for swatch results are clearly visible.

In some cases you ‘use of abrasive paper. Starting from a grain P 800 and proceeding with the other two shows in the list. We perform the operation by placing the watch on a table or floor, after placing under an old rag or a plastic tablecloth to throw then away. We perform the operation with water, always performing the same movements. Eventually passiamoci over a mild detergent, suitable for these tasks and materials. If the proposed methods do not lead to no good result, evidently the problem is complicated. We do not lose hope, not intestardiamoci and go to a specialized center for these treatments. The work of a watchmaker is painstaking and requires patience and dedication, according to Around are left with very few people are able to carry out work of a certain precision and often the solution is not the repair, but the complete replacement. The malls have “replaced” the shops of yesteryear. The consequence is that there is a minor inconvenience to cost more. The important thing is to repair the clock that gave us or that we simply bought with some economic sacrifice.