How to Protect Your Android Apps with Access Code [TIP]

Android app “AppLock” can protect your apps in a jiffy with code, so no other has direct access to your privacy.

Security is an important issue, and so something that we at our site want to help you smartphone users with. It is, among other things, therefore, that in the past we have given you tips on “Simplified access” feature for Apple’s iOS devices, and “children’s corner” on Windows Phone.

This time it must be about Android devices, where the possibilities the nearest are endless. We have chosen to show how you can secure your apps through the app “AppLock”, which can be downloaded for free via Google Play here.

-When the app is launched, you will immediately be presented with a 3 step Setup Wizard. You must now enter a four digit code that you want to protect your apps with. then Press “OK”.

-Now you must re-enter your chosen code and exit at “OK”.

-Finally, ber ‘ app you now to enter your mail. Enter, therefore, the message and quit on the button “Save”.

-The future is now dropping a spread, who just want to tell you a bit about the news in the app. Press “OK”.

-In the actual app, see the groupings “Advanced” and “General”. The former is system-based locking options. So it is here you can determine whether your Android device must ask for code by installing apps, receiving calls, etc.

The latter is just a long row of your entire app collection. So if you want to put the lock on your Facebook app, so you’ll find just the app in the row, and turn the lock to the furthest to the right.

The next time you open the Facebook app, you will first be asked to enter your four-digit code.

You therefore have the option of locking the apps which need not be immediate available for all and sundry.