How to Properly Wear a Ring

The jewelry are part of these essential accessories that complete and enhance the feminine look. They allow us to create an identity, and easily switch from one style to the other. The rings are an ally to vary the look to infinity! There are a multitude of rings, discrete, more massive phalanx… it is not always easy to match. Here are a few tips to wear them with style!

(1) To Dare the accumulation of rings

This style more likely seen on the models or in magazines seems easy to reproduce. It is far more difficult than it sounds. All is not to look like a Christmas tree! The key is d’ stack thin rings. Bet on geometric shapes, symbols such as hearts, arrows, a small stone can also come to brighten up the whole, this will give an elegant touch to your look. Think also of worked metals, a thin ring hammered for example…

  • For what morphology? The accumulation goes to all types of hands. If you have long fingers, we put more and more thick models. If your fingers are shorter, do not load too! Make sure good to choose a model for your size : too big, rings will tend to spin and collide with your every move, too tight, they are likely to give your fingers a “Iceboat” very little appearance becoming!

Small tip for your finger turn: Please have a son, that you wrap on your finger instead of the ring. Make a small mark at the place that marks the circumference of your finger, and measure the length of wires: she will indicate your size (if you measure 5cm, your finger size is 50, if it’s 5, 4cm, your finger turn is 54, etc…).Fortunately, there are also models of adjustable rings, which will greatly facilitate life (especially if it is to offer!)

  • What metals? It is possible to combine Once again, you have a choice and can create your look to infinity: yellow gold will go very well with metals bronze and brass, and money will accompany beautifully pink metal. You can express your creativity by mixing!
  • What manicure? With regard to the manicure, (which must be impeccable!), the focus is rather on sober colors. A glittery varnish or a “nail art” won’t that overload the look, we prefer to go on a pink powder, a beige, or the classic but timeless red (available under his sous-tons: coral, Burgundy, Ruby…). To learn more about varnish, make you on the article ” Choose Nail Polish sound . ».
  • Proposed phalanges rings: Finally, who says said accumulation ‘ring of phalanges. This valuable ally and a bold bit will help rebalance your hand by breaking the side a little too lanky and symmetrical accumulation. Be careful though not to abuse to the risk of ‘too much ‘.

(2) The big rings for a trendy look

  • Thin rings, it of Nice, but the rings XXL, that’s nice too! Here you can dare to fantasy, see the eccentricity, this is what we expect of a big ring, the goal is not to go unnoticed but instead to create a real plus to your look. Put some color, materials… For example, a big color resin ring for sure to wake up your simple LBD or will end an outfit casual jean + tee-shirt

If you make the choice to wear a big ring, he will have to let go of taken on other accessories, forget the big bracelet to go with, she stands on her own! The effect will be even stronger and she will thus be better highlighted.

  • What morphology? Here again, everything is a matter of morphology: avoid to wear a ring too large if your fingers are short and thick. If nevertheless you are a fan of big rings and you do not have the fingers of a pianist, bet on an elongated shape that will create the illusion that your fingers are longer than in reality.
  • What manicure? For manicure, it’s time to match the color of your nails to your ring! Or maybe conversely focus on the contrast, for example a turquoise ring with coral varnish will look more beautiful.

Here at you are with all the keys in hand to win in style and daring the rings of all kinds! If you want to learn more about the jewelry, feel free to read the article ” what jewelry to wear . »