How to Prepare a Child Birthday Party

You can’t prepare for the birth of your child without thinking of a bow or something which ads the arrival. A Blue Ribbon or pink doorstep arouses curiosity and playfulness in the loops, is a cool way to share all of the event more proud.

We have seen several models: the real embroidered Ribbon, maybe, the Cockade, the Stork, the wheelchair. Can pick. If you are passionate about cross stitch and you still have so much time in front of before arrival of the child, can you think of to embroider a picture that birth announcements, hanging out the door of the hospital (or home) during the first days of life of small and leave in nursery: colorful picture that memories when you venutov in the world. There are lots of diagrams for dabbling in making one of these squares. The most beautiful are for sale at, I show you some.

A teddy bear, the footprints of a hand, name and date of birth. I like very much the letters used.

  • It is available also in the version with the footprints.
  • A sweet Teddy bear sleeping on the moon.
  • Farm animals in carousel.
  • You like the Disney characters? Here’s an example of a picture with Nemo.
  • Another with a friend of Winnie the Pooh and the name of the unborn child.
  • Here’s the latest, a painting with embroidery and pictures of the newborn.
  • Once you have finished your embroidery, just a frame in solid and you’ll have a beautiful memory of the birth of your child. And if not mastered all the tricks of embroidery, don’t despair, over the next few posts will teach you a bit!