How To Park Your Bike Safely

Parking the bike in public places is a daily challenge for any urban cyclist. This implies looking for a specific place for the purpose or alternatively a pole, a tree or another fixed place that allows to fasten the bicycle and make it unavailable to the “friends of others”.

There are several types of bike rack, there are even cities that have designed the design of their own brackets. From a safety point of view, it is essential that they allow the two wheels and the frame of the bicycles to be secured. In Braga the great majority of the supports follow the model of Sheffield, an inverted U that meets the main requirements of security.

Although they are highly advantageous from a safety point of view, parking brackets are liable to impart a false sense of security to the less experienced user and do not follow certain basic procedures with regard to the protection of their bicycle. It is therefore important to suggest some of these procedures that can be taken into account when parking the bike, whether on a dedicated support for this purpose or not:

The use of good quality padlocks is essential. Padlocks made from steel cable are the most used, however they are very unsafe and can be easily cut. Never leave your bike safe only by a steel cable! A good alternative is steel chains and rigid U-shaped locks.

Whenever possible the bicycle must have both wheels attached and it is essential that at least one padlock is placed in order to also secure the frame.

On bicycles with quick-change wheel systems, it is convenient to replace these systems with traditional bolts and nuts, in order to make them more difficult to steal.

You should park the bike in visible places, avoiding leaving it with easily removable accessories.