How to Paint Your Nails at Home – Step by Step

What to some girls is an easy task to others is a real torment, especially when we don’t have the practice of painting her nails at home. But it’s always good to learn how to paint your nails on your own because you never know when you’re going to have that unexpected isn’t it? Today’s post will teach some valuable tips and secrets for you can do alone at home without difficulty.

After you are already playmaker who knows yourself not just setting aside the manicure and starts your own nails at home and still saves a little money to buy other glazes or beauty products. You can can get your nails painted and beautiful without necessarily having to go to a beauty salon, made right here in the comfort of your home. Just follow the tips below!

Step By Step How To Paint Your Nails At Home:

First take a piece of cotton, pass acetone nail then sand them in the form that fits better. Push the cuticles with the spatula. Then apply a moisturizer with soothing massages.

Before passing the enamel, always apply a base to protect the nails and set best color. pass the brush first in the center of the nail, then on the sides. If the glaze is thin, wait a minute and apply another layer of Paint with enamel of favorite color.Wait a little dry and reapply the enamel passing a second layer. Then wrap cotton on the end of a wooden stick and dip it in acetone or nail polish remover. Outline the nails to remove smudges. Take great care not to bump into other nails.

Important Tip:
Avoid painting her nails outdoors or near the fan or air conditioning to avoid the appearance of bubbles of air.