How to Mount Looks with Sports Jackets

The sports jackets are more known to be used at times when you don’t care about fashion, but they can be used to create cool looks and fashion. The play Varsity arose in 1865 and is one of the most popular. For a while it was used only by players and cheerleaders, but now any person who wishes to be bold and mixing styles in visual can use them. Learn how to assemble stylish looks with sports jackets.


  1. As a replacement for the famous Varsity jacket, you can use up to a team. And women who don’t like sports and do not have the piece can borrow or brother or boyfriend and still create visuals in sports.By having the appearance very casual and sometimes even men, sports jackets can be combined with parts that are the opposite as your skirts. The junction of “male” with the delicate feminine skirts creates a harmonic mixing visual trends. Pleated skirts or rounds can be combined with the jackets without fear. Transparent skirts add a air even more feminine. To build more sophisticated looks, combine with boots or high-heeled sandals. But for a fully visual daring, combine the jacket with a delicate skirt and sneakers.
  2. The singer Lana Del Rey is one of the leading sports jacket and famous fans, be a fashion Muse, is a good inspiration on how to use the piece. The singer usually combines sports with entirely character jackets jeans and sandals as slippers pitfalls. But for that visual does not pass the impression of sloppy but something more modern, it is important the pants is totally fair. This model also helps to elongate the silhouette. It is also important to give preference to darker pants, since the jackets tend to mix colors and make more a blend with the color of the pants could create a visual overload.
  3. And like any jacket, they can also be used on colder days. In these cases, Valley combine sports jacket dresses free or with a shirt and skirt set. The addition of scarves is ideal to protect from the cold. And if the temperature permits, Valley also use pantyhose and boot. Bold women can play with fashion and mix various styles with the jacket and boots boots, without forgetting a counterpoint with a feminine skirt.