How To Match Your Makeup To Your Outfit

Skilfully tailored to your clothes, the make-up can give your outfit the finishing touch for a successful and harmonious look.

Many factors need to be considered when it comes to the challenge of making the make-up match the look. Not only the colors of the clothes, but also those of your hair and eyes are decisive and indicate the direction.Context and style are just as important. Of course, do not wear the same make-up for a working day as a party night. Here are some tips for a tadellose appearance for any occasion!

The cool colors

The cool color palette consists of blue, gray, green, purple, pink, black and white. Especially popular in make-up: shading the colors – darken the outer part of the eyelid and use light nuances for the inner part.Gray shades, for example, perfectly match blue eyes.For the lips, a matte lipstick in burgundy has been the most popular trend for a long time, which strengthens your mouth. For those who prefer a subtler look, we recommend a light pink shiny gloss.

The warm colors

Warm make-up colors include orange, red, yellow and brown. Green eyes should decide for these sounds, they make the expression of your eyes very special.For the Foundation, an orange-colored blush is optimal to let the darker tinted skin nuances shine.Finally, the red lipstick is timeless and awakens the female charm in you.

The key is to keep the balance: a light eyeshadow, for example, allows you to use darker colors for the lips. We do not recommend you to tweak everything, but with similar color palettes, effects and intensity. In this way, you create a subtle and refined overall look.

  1. At Work

A professional environment requires a discreet look. As far as clothing is concerned, we suggest you choose a tailor-made ensemble or a blazer, a blouse and a skirt for classics. Even if you do not have the opportunity to try out the new and imaginative make-up techniques, you should still pay attention to the right care.Work for a radiant complexion with appropriate powder and a product against swelling, so that you always look and look awake. For the fine grinding is missing only a good mascara for the correct eyelash swing.

  1. To Go Out

For an evening meal with your partner or a danced night with your friends, the evening gives you the opportunity to live out your stylistic freedom. Choose your favorite dress, a pair of high heels and an unforgettable make-up.Just like Jennifer Hudson, you’re just putting your eyeshadow on your dress and emphasizing your eyes rather than your mouth. A contrasting look is also possible: with dark lips that reflect the black shining dress like Queen Latifah.

  1. Glamorous Retro Look

Adele, Duffy or Zooey Deschanel have already discovered this look, as we can see in the outfit choice as well as the way they chose your make-up. And a long time before, fashion icons like Twiggy or Audrey Hepburn became representatives of this trend. Doll eyes like those of Twiggy? Then put on Mascara for XXL eyelashes. For Bambi-eyes à la Adele is a perfectly drawn eyeliner-line prerequisite. So and with a dotted dress or a Claudine collar, you’ll be guaranteed a particularly feminine look with a touch vintage.

  1. For Rock ‘N’ Roll Look

Curvy beauties like Beth Ditto and Kelly Osbourne are masters in this trend. The main color protagonists for a rocky look are black and red. Absolutely essential for this look?Smokey Eyes, where the eyes are very dark shaded (as seen here at Jessie J). The lip color can also be emphasized here-with a bright red lipstick for example. Do not hesitate to draw parallels to your outfit: a leather jacket and a destroyed jeans and you are ready for a Gossip concert!