How to Match Leggings with Shoes

Leggings are not pants, but a hybrid. Some will remember that in the 1980s, season of splendor for this chapter, before today, they were called leggings, a name that says it all.
For this reason the person wearing the leggings look like jeans make a mistake and, most importantly, enhances their appearance.


With the exception of those athletes, to go the gym or jogging, leggings are kinds of tight black stretch pants that should be worn with a long top that reaches at least to the groins. Even if you have a great physicist, a short knit leggings makes you look a bit vulgar and dressed so sloppy.

Isn’t just “over” have to be carefully chosen, when we wear our beloved, comfortable and feminine leggings, even shoes have their importance. Let’s see some combinations that work and others that just won’t go away.

Sports leggings, colorful and made of technical fabric, the ones that if you lean not expose your underwear, are fine with sneakers and running shoes: you can stop to cinch them down the street, without causing accidents.

For the leggings from daily pairings that convince us the most are those with shoes and boots below mid-calf.

Black is the most classic and popular leggings, really a chief jolly, that allows many combinations.
Can become elegant with one high-heeled booties as the door Kristin Cavallari.

Young and vaguely grunge, when worn with a plaid shirt, maxi bag and biker boots, how does Selena Gomez.

Simple and chic with a pair of dancers, as the wearer Gisele Bundchen.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, teacher to add a touch of rock’n roll to classical elegance, wearing black leggings with sneakers and, as always, looks great.

If you have a pair of ankle booties platform shoe, originals such as these, you dare to even match them with leggings blacks, they will give you a retro feel.

Even in winter beautiful colored leggings, they are comfortable with soft boots and Pelosetta that enhance comfort and casual nature of this item of clothing.

The rage in recent years, the skin effect leggings, sexy and transgressive, we like played down high and low sneakers, both in winter and in mild weather.

Sensual Letitia Ortiz wearing leggings skin effect with red decolletage, while Charlene of Monaco combines skin tight pants like leggings in black decolletage refined both have a truly regal bearing.

High heels and skin for Miranda Kerr, his shoes are dark red suede, combined with a soft sweater the same color, which makes it more casual and reassuring a very sexy look.

From these examples it is clear that leggings and decolletage look good together, on condition that the one and the other are rather simple and well executed, just so the combination will be of great elegance.

The leggings can be new blacks, as seen in the parade Bottega Veneta for spring 2016, where the dominant color is a neutral beige and pink.