How To Make Your Backpacking More Practical

Do backpacking is an incredible experience. In addition to the sense of freedom and adventure, you will come across many challenges ahead of us, learn how to overcome fears and barriers, and all knowing some beautiful place in the world!

Like any trip, backpacking requires a lot of preparation, and even more organization, because as if only has room for a backpack to carry everything you need, it is necessary to choose the priorities.

Check out the 8 items we’ve selected for you will not cease to carry on backpack, as will facilitate your travel enough.

1. Plug Adapter Or “T”

This item is essential for two reasons, the first is that there are several types of outlet around the world, so it is important to a universal adapter, which will connect your devices anywhere.
Currently, the backpackers tend to walk with various electronic devices. Not to run out of battery, it’s important to have a “T” with multiple entries to load all at once the opportunities they have in the hostel or wherever you are staying.

2. Locks

Locks are important to increase the security of your belongings. Generally, the backpackers choose to stay in hostels or hostels, to spend as little as possible, and often the rooms are shared. It is therefore important that you have your own padlock for your locker and your suitcase.If you can invest, buy a TSA model, that can be opened only by the master keys of authorities, and without damaging it.

3. Door Documents

A door documents is very important for backpacking. Nothing more unpleasant than lose or have stolen documents on a trip. Copies of tickets, tickets, reservations, passport, credit cards and even money should stay in one place organized and safe, since the loss of any one of them can give you a lot of headache.

4. Flashlight

If your backpack is somewhere in the middle of nature, with beaches or campgrounds, needless to say, the importance of a flashlight. But even if you just go to metropolitan cities, this item can also save you from various grips, not only in the event of loss of power, but, for example, if you reach the hostel at night and need to take things in your bag while the others are sleeping, or if you’re going to do an alternative path is too dark. The flashlight is item number 1 of survival away from home.

5. Notepad And Pens

It sounds like something fairly simple, but many people forget to put in the bag. It is very important that you get out every day with the necessary annotations of your path, and also carry a pen and paper to record the attractions you’ll find along the way, phones, addresses and useful information. Believe me, everything is new at an unknown location, and what is critical should be noted.

6. Baby Wipes

Cast the first stone he who has never been a day without bathing during a backpacking! To serve as a palliative to the bath, the baby wipes are very useful. Are great for cleaning the hands, the face and also remove stains from clothes.

7. Tape

Very versatile, it can serve both to make small dressings as well as for purposes that you have no idea. The tape can override any duct tape, you can paste anything you need, close food packs, fix utensils, mend the backpack and by amazing as it may seem, fix tear clothes or temporarily descosturem. This item can facilitate your backpacking in various emergencies.

8. Plastic Bags

The last item is as simple and essential as the others. Many parts of the world do not offer plastic bags in markets or shops, and this might surprise a lot of Brazilians. Therefore, it is important to take your bags from home, which will serve for various purposes as storing food and protect clean clothes from the rain, for example.

9. Multipurpose Tennis

On a journey of many days and in which the idea is to walk enough by the cities and get to know different places, anything goes to save space and reduce the weight of the backpack. Thus, hybrid articles are always helpful, especially those who are often without the hardest to keep and essential, as the tennis. So, the trick is to choose a good shoes, model that combines the comfort of athletic shoes with a style that may be appropriate in various occasions.

10. Bathing Suit

Regardless of the chosen destination and the weather, it’s always interesting to take for a backpacking a suitable outfit for a dip, a bath of sea, pool or visit a waterfall. Then, the men have to find space for a Speedo, or bermuda shorts, while women must have a swimsuit or bikini inside the backpack. Nobody wants to miss the opportunity to enjoy a nice swim, not to mention these items dry quickly and can break a branch in place of underwear, if necessary.