How to Make Makeup with Red Lipstick

The red lipstick is a widely used item on the catwalks of fashion shows are always scoring presence, the red color highlights to the hottest makes and expected the world that pass for runways.

Many women like to follow trend is the red lipstick is always in evidence in the market, when the wife wants to get attention, but even the red can be discreet as we will post, the red color comes from the Cleopatras option and that Greek painted for their husbands.

For you who want to use the red lipstick on a daily basis, the trick to adjust the red lipstick for the use of the day is very simple: the balance. If you opted for the carmine lips for an afternoon, take it easy not only the rest of make, leaving blush and lighter eyes, as in hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, etc. The hair should be no frills, with messy, is opt for little mascara and a designed lightweight, without drawing too much attention. Because the focus is red mouth.

Another tip is for you who wants to use the red lipstick with a super makeup for the night.

1-To start apply eyeliner at the bottom and top of the eye, with a layer in the lower lashes and two at the top. Now a mask for eyes in black color to the stroke.

2-Apply a shadow with glitter in discrete colors and closed esfumace up, without spending a lot of the eyelashes.

3-in the mouth, use an eyeliner to lips in the same color of lipstick to make firmer stroke. Then, with the aid of a makeup brush, paint the mouth itself with the big red lipstick. Invest in shades of lipstick satin and shiny hard to keep your lips well charming and elegant.