How to Make Blue Face Makeup?

An important item for women: makeup is modernizing every day. And the colorful hues are super trendy. Then it is about her that we’ll talk today. More specifically make blue being increasingly used day in any event, either during the day or night, in more formal occasions or go to party.

Make Blue for the Day

For events during the day, avoid glare, but capriche in color. We are in the spring season of flowers and colors, and blue is always beautiful.

Use a medium blue tone that you like and with your finger even pass a little concave in the center of the eye, just to give the blue base, because if you put the direct light blue over brown will not highlight any.

Then enter the clear blue, using the brush and spread over the entire concave eye, pulling a little side to give that Gatinha effect.

And finally, the mascara to lengthen. You can even use the blue shade too … will give the final touch in blue and will be bapho!!!!!!

Make Blue for Night

Now comes the overflow ! Make blue for night is simply a hit if you do know will draw attention to who does not care about makeup. And that’s what we’re here to give you surefire tips to raze.

This serves to make the club, marriage, graduation, 15 party and so on.

To begin with, we have to remember that makes for the night has to be very strong because usually the events are long and makeup start to blur or disappear is not cool, right …

For this you can use a fixer shadows or prime your taste across the eyelid.

With a sponge brush to apply more metallic blue shade you have in the entire mobile eyelid by pulling to the side until the niece eye once again to give that effect cat.

With a beveled brush apply an eyeliner, preferably gel, in the hollow of the eye on the blue shade that you have applied, just make a flush line in the shade. With a brush of precision that small rounded tip, esfume the dash, spreading up the eyeliner.

With an opaque brown shade, esfume the upper liner you spread, and mixing with it. Close to the eyebrow apply a pale shade to light.

Delineate close to the eyelashes pulling the dash to the shadow end, joining with the dark line that you made in the hollow. Delineate also below the lower lashes and close. With a black eye pencil, paint the internal root of the lower lashes.

With the same brush precision previously used esfume blue shadow over the eyeliner that you applied under the lower lashes.

To finish, apply mask for volume lashes, and also apply the press in the area below the eyes.

The lipstick has to be smooth after all the eyes were well marked, according to Beautypically.