How to Make a Wooden Candlestick

Who does not love the soft light of candles? DIY candlestick made ​​of wood, suitable for garden and interior home. Natural wood radiates warmth and comfort and its combination with glare from the dance of the flame of the candle creates an incredibly romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

DIY Wooden Candlestick

While in itself this project is not complicated, it would be nice if you get some male help him. It is important to find a suitable tree with enough fat and low reaching branches. Then select a section of them to be smooth and flat and a length of about one inch. You can ask your hero with the cutter you cut several pieces of varying heights. In this way you can arrange to each other several wooden holders for candles. You will then need to carve a hole inside – you do not have to be profound. A shallow recess in which to put one tea candle is fully sufficient. But if you prefer, you might complicate it a little deeper holes for longer candles.

Candles in Wooden Stand

After the coarse material is almost ready to become a final design for your DIY wooden candlestick was just fine finishing. It would be better if you peel the crust, then brush with lacquer tree at least two or three layers. Thus, it will become much more beautiful and complete. Allow to dry outdoors in the evening honor your hero assistant with a romantic candlelight dinner.