How to Make a Spy Camera

How to build and install a mini camera?

One can make a mini spy camera from a cheap webcam. No need to be an expert in electrical or mechanical. You will need including a bath towel, a screwdriver the edge jeweler, a USB extension cable, an old sweater vest, a knife and a laptop.

  • Put the bath towel on a table and stay there webcam and remove the retaining ring of the camera lens with your fingers
  • Remove the screws from the webcam with the Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver and remove the housing;
  • Insert the tip of a flat-edged jeweler’s screwdriver into the seam between the left side of the lens and the inner shell and loosen the purpose of the inner envelope.Do likewise on the right side, top and bottom of the lens;
  • Separate the lens of the inner shell with your fingers and remove the lens and the PCB from the inner housing;
  • Make a hole in the forehead and the back of the right pocket of the old sweater jacket with the knife;
  • Plug one end of the USB extension cable into the USB cable connected to the circuit board;
  • Place the lens and the PCB in the right pocket of the jacket pullover and pass the USB extension cord through the hole in the bottom of the right pocket and around your back;
  • Plug the other end of the USB extension cable into the USB port of a laptop and turn on the video capture software on the computer;
  • Have the goal of your mini spy camera in front of the hole cut in the side of the pocket.Your device will capture whatever is in front of his goal.

How to hide the device?

Some cameras are already hidden in items (key chains, watches, pens, glasses and clothing with miniature cameras). You can choose to hide your spy camera even in your apartment, home or office by choosing the place suitable for your monitoring needs.

A rod is a good hiding place that provides the ideal viewing angle. Other objects are also a perfect hideout: televise, lamps, mirrors, etc. The most inconspicuous places are switches, sockets, junction boxes or smoke detectors which will power the unit for continuous monitoring and optimum video storage.