How to Make a Rain Umbrella

Are you in need of an umbrella in your home? So just follow the steps below and make your own!

Using the technique of silhouette and decoupage cuts with fabric you can create a beautiful umbrella door. Just follow the next step by step and put creativity to work.


– Silhouette machine (repeteco)
– Umbrella
holder of MDF-Duo paper repeat repeteco ref 0107445
– Hot glue
– Sandpaper 150
– Craft base
– White and black acrylic paint
– Black bandana fabric
– Acrylic blanket
– Decoupage fabric
glue – Glue For decoupage
– Semi-gloss acrylic lacquer
– Soft brush 20
– Bristle brush 20
– Round brush 06
– Black
strap 04 mm-Black stitch strap 15 mm-White strap


– Make the application of the base to compose the craft, but only where the piece will be covered with paint.

– With the sandpaper, pass in circular movements on the piece.

– Apply paint also inside the part and on the sides with black acrylic paint.

– With white acrylic paint, paint the front of the piece.

– With the decoupage glue and bristle brush #20, glue the fabric on the sides and behind the piece, smooth with your hands.

– Allow the piece to dry and after that, with the sandpaper 150 remove the burrs from the fabric to cover the entire umbrella. Trim the fabric 2 centimeters larger than the model and acrylic blanket to the correct size of the model.

– Go riding as if it were a sandwich of: MDF umbrella, acrylic blanket and fabric. Glue the fabric behind the piece with the help of the hot glue.

– Now it’s time to turn on the machine silhouetee. Install the CD in your computer and choose the picture that will be cut.

– Cut and glue on the piece with glue for decoupage.

– Glue the sianinha with fabric decoupage glue, both on the right side and on the left side of the front.

– Coat the piece in places where it has no fabric.

Cool huh? Start doing yours now and enjoy the tips covered. Great creations!

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