How to Make a Magnetic Board

You set up the shopping list and do not know where the brooch? Bills to pay, and you can not find a place to have them always at hand came?

One way to make our daily life easier, especially in the kitchen, the meeting place for the whole family, it attaches to the wall a very useful magnetic board. On it you can write down notes, grocery lists, appointments, ideas or write things to do or products to buy, leave messages to family members, hold pictures or images, or keep the bills to pay.

Here are some simple ideas to realize a magnetic board DIY, on the cheap:

Magnetic board with calendar

Original and innovative, this magnetic board boasts a beautiful and modern calendar to hang in the kitchen to mark your appointments. It is easily accomplished by following the tutorial onThe 36th Avenue.

Magnetic board made with a DIY tray

An idea easy to carry thanks to the tutorial on Craftaholics, using a simple stainless steel tray (such as Ikea), painted pleasure and decorated with a nice colored tape to secure it to the wall.The tutorial also explains how to make the magnets useful for pinning your notes on the blackboard.

Magnetic board with magazine rack and DIY keychain

Su iheart Organizing , here is the perfect tutorial to help you organize your daily routine, with a magnetic board that doubles as a magazine rack thanks to the metal bar, made ​​riciclandone a door bath towels according to andyeducation; and key-ring thanks to the wooden frame around.

Magnetic board tricks port

Your cosmetic bag is about to burst? A cute idea to arrange your tricks is to create a magnetic board, recycling an old frame, repainting and coat the magnetic board with the fancy wrapping paper, such as tutorials on Hand made ​​in the heartland .

Magnetic board for kids

One way to encourage children to carry out their daily activities, such as eating breakfast, go to school, do homework, take a shower or go to sleep, you realize this magnetic board with built-in a table describing the various activities do or those already made, and fun magnets to attach their own children. The tutorial This is really my life .

Magnetic board for objects

To bring order into your kid’s room, made ​​a magnetic board to hang on the wall, for example behind the door as tutorials on The creative exchange , so you’ll have the opportunity to fill a blank wall with an original idea and very useful.

Magnetic board brings Kitchenware

A rustic magnetic board, perfect as kitchen utensils door, so you will not have to worry about looking for them, will always be at hand. The tutorial to achieve it on eHow.