How to Make a Fabric Strap Watch


In Commerce wristwatches out there, all different in type and foggia. But there is an element that, perhaps more than others, strikes the eye of those who decide to make a purchase, the strap.


The materials with which it is made are numerous, all different in appearance and type of use. Leather straps can be very elegant and this feature makes the watches that mount these special types of strap perfect, whether you are wearing a casual outfit, is the case where you are wearing more formal attire. Are used both for men and women, often with different thicknesses, to fit better the physical conformation of the wrists of men and women. The leather straps are placed alongside those of steel, from foggia sportier and less serious, that have gained a good share of audience. The use of straps in fabric is a fad born in the eighties and aimed primarily at young people. This type of straps is, in fact, cool and fun, especially when they are added accessories that make them unique and original. The fabric is easy to clean and lends itself to a more sporty wear. And then it will be very easy to replace them with other straps always come in fabric colors and different patterns. In the following guide you will be explained in a clear and simple how to make a fabric strap watch, perhaps with the art of recycling!

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • two strips of fabric with different patterns
  • a stud or a piece of velcro for closure
  • rivet Kit (for stud)
  • sewing needle and thread or sewing machine
  • scissors

To create your very own strap to Watch, you must first choose the fabrics that match the color of the same, so that the jar; then, cut out a strip from one of the two fabrics: one used in this guide is 23 cm long and 6.5 cm wide, but of course will vary depending on the size of your wrist and the clock! The other fabric, however, you will need to create an elegant decoration to make it even more original your creation.

To cut the fabric Strip just the right size, do this: measure the width of the slit it goes inserted the strap, multiply them by two and add 1.5 cm approximately. Instead, to determine the length of the Strip, simply wrap it around your wrist and add 6.5 cm of fabric, attach it with a PIN and then cut off the excess part. At this point, you can start sewing!

Put a safety pin in the top right corner of the fabric Strip (straight), not too close to the edge; then, fold the Strip in half straight sides together, so that the PIN stays within the fold. Now, sew, sewing machine or by hand, one end of the Strip and around the lateral border by a margin of half a cm, but leaving open the other ends, to later be able to reshoot. Run this seam with straight stitch.

Next, using the safety pin as guide, counting down the Strip just stitched, straight side of the fabric. Then, using the iron, flatten well Strip and stick it on the back of the watch through the two slots provided. Make sure you have enough fabric to wrap around your wrist, so that the strap is too short. Now, fold the ends of the Strip still open and run a straight seam around the edge, so close it.

At this point, mark with a dressmaker’s chalk or with a pen the exact points where will you place the snaps or velcro and later attack them. Your strap would be ready, but if you want to add a subtle decorative frill, just cut by another type of fabric a strip with half width than the strap, but double length. Then, trim all the edges, so they don’t fray, then cucila on the strap with a central straight stitch, pieghettandola, to create a curl.