How to Make a Beaded Strap Watch


The watch is an indispensable accessory, used to make her look elegant or naturally in order to know the time. This accessory has been revisited under most garments: trendy, chic, sporty everyone ‘ has one that reflects your own style and, even though the technology can replace its simple function of ticking, its charm remains that it is still one of the most sought after items.

In this guide, timedictionary will show you how to make a watch of beads and thread, you can get it simply by taking a case from wristwatches, kneading with various beads and strands artistically woven. To achieve a nice original and stylish wrist watch, I suggest you follow the steps that are described in this guide. So you can not only create maybe a watch that isn’t used anymore, but also have fun in creating exclusive look and trendy. Lovers of clocks, DIY or recycling, all you have to do is continue reading this guide to learn how.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • 6 pieces of wire mouliné 35 cm black
  • 2 pieces of wire desiré ivory
  • 1 case of wrist
  • 1 Pearl onions in resin
  • 3 black resin ball
  • 3 colored swarovski bicone
  • 2 flat beads to fancy
  • close to t
  • pliers
  • conjoined rings
  • T-nails
  • scissors

Start by plugging them into a loop of wire about 6 wrist watch case for DMC neri. After that, placed in the same two-wire loop desiré ivory, placing them on the left and right of the black wires. Then, create the first node with ivory wires inside the black rights. Then make a second knot with wires strung a colored bead in ivory, resin flat, black wires passing the wires black and ivory bead sides formed two nodes to lock.

Thread a Pearl faceted colored resin black and then a repeating nodes with the ivory to lock them. Then enter a Pearl onion-shaped and lock it in the same way as the Our site the processing of your Pearl bracelet, alternating them equally and then enter all the various strands together in a package.

Finally, with the help of pliers, close the locking tabs to lock the wires and then cut with scissors, excess threads from closing. Attach the T with a ring of conjunction. Finally, on the other side of the case, the other empty slot, insert a large ring and small decorative swarovski bicone to beautify the closure of your clock. All you have to do is show off your new watch and brag to your friends.