How To Lose The Face Weight With Makeup

I’m from which they believe that beauty has much more to do with harmony which follow the standards of beauty imposed fashions. So I think not essential to be thin to be beautiful. Clarified this point also, I will say that I understand that when accumulate kilos in the belly, hips, legs or chest, face may be excessively small round, wide neck and eyes and smile. Whether due to genetic, hormonal, poor eating habits or to quit smoking, it is important to put in the hands of a medical specialist to control weight and use small cosmetic tricks to conceal curves.

Trick for Makeup

Just as there are tricks from makeup to rejuvenate also there to ‘draw’ a slimmer and tuned face creating shadows and volumes. Don’t believe that it is necessary to be a specialist to know to handle them. It is true that a professional make-up artist will dominate the technique of the contouring and make-up corrector much more than any of us, but that does not prevent us to use the most simple and effective tips to lose weight face.

I’m not a professional Cook but I love preparing rich dishes and enjoy them with my family!

Step 1: Get neat skin

It is important to start from a skin that is clean on a daily basis with cleansing milk or other products similar, scrubs, masks… And it is important that the skin always receives a good moisturizing cream by day and a nutritious at night (when passed the 35-year-old). You know, they are the 3 most important in your beauty routine gestures and that you should never leave out the neck and décolleté.

Step 2: Use two tones for makeup base

For sink optically certain areas of the face and ‘weight-loss’ need to create shadows. For this you could use concealers, powders, shadows in cream and even bars of lips and makeup brushes according to, any darker than your skin product but we will choose make-up bases because they are easier to blend textures. You’ll need two: one of the same natural color to your skin and another two tones darker, although this may vary according to the markings (which have a wide range can be noticed less the difference of a number to the next than in brands with only three or four proposals). The idea is to use the tone clear in the middle of the face and the darker contour, especially in the area that goes from half of the cheek to the Chin, jaw and neck.

It applies the dark tone by drawing a line continuous with a fine brush, starting in the middle of the forehead – if you have wide – or the sideburns to Chin. Repeat the action on the other side. Get several vertical lines on the neck. As you can imagine is very important work, and very well extend that base melts and is as natural as possible (skin well hydrated and nourished will help manage it or read more). It will take time so don’t try to run. It uses quality products and well preserved. The textures of media coverage are the most appropriate for this work, already the very light (which have more water) they can go almost unnoticed and bars or pasta can provide a result artificial and impossible for the day.

Step 3: Highlight the cheekbones naturally

If you wish, you can more refine the face insisting to create shade from the PIN to the area that is under the bone of your cheek, with a line. If you have a powder cream darker that your skin use them here, if you insist, with the basis of make-up, blurring it with a brush and small movements circulars. Furthermore, in the cheekbone applies a stroke of blushing in a transparent pink, which do not call too much attention but yes give the skin a touch of naturalness. He smiles and where to appreciate the bone, applied a measured touch. I do not recommend using a white or very light tone in the cheekbone to highlight it because it tends to be very artificial.

Step 4: Enlarge small parts

Usually when the face is bulky, eyes and lips are unbalanced, a little lost and small. So we will try to highlight them and enlarge them. Eyes, you do not abuse the Black Styler in the water line because it dwarfs them and use shadows, which are not very dark according to the color of your eyes, ending in a prolongation diffused towards the outside area of the eyelid. This is one of the tricks used to enlarge the eye. Another is applying a touch of Golden or white under the tear or water line.

High eyebrows and curled eyelashes are also key. Under the Arch of the eyebrows put a touch of clear shadow to raise the optically and apply two layers of mask when you have curly them well.

As we highlight the eyes on the lips I recommend you use a lip that is not too ‘passionate’, anything pink or blood red gum. Opt for a tone with gloss in nude for the day and grape or prune to night, that are in full fashion. Now takes a step back and turn to look in the mirror. How much do you like what you see? Remember, if you feel beautiful is most likely that others also believe it as well.