How to Look Stylish in Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy is undoubtedly an exciting time not only because of the expectation of new life, but also because of all the emotional, psychological and, of course, the physical changes that occur to you once you see the two covenant bars. Survey conducted in several European countries shows that after concerns about childbirth and great responsibility of bringing up a child come to these weight and shape of the mother. Some women are terrified of her new body and try to “hide” under enormous shapeless clothes, which look neglected and even larger. Others seem to prefer “not notice” their constantly growing belly and continue to wear old clothes that every day of pregnancy not only cause discomfort but they stand more grotesque. So – how wonderful to look at this perhaps most important period in the life of a woman?

How to Look Stylish in Maternity Clothes

At first this took care very nature – pregnant literally shines: her skin is clean and supple, her hair – thick and shiny smile has emerged on her face and did her whole being radiates beauty and privilege of her new position .That does not have much to look attractive as her skeptical you on your appearance now. But back again to the topic of tunics for pregnant ladies

How many times in your life will you really iron arguments when you say:”I have nothing to wear, you need to buy something”. Take advantage of this need, purely physiological changes that occur in your body and enjoy true fashion feast. I mean, who told that pregnant women should wear just horrible denim overalls or baggy dresses with high waist!

Arm yourself with our tips enough free time credit card and your husband … let’s begin!

Shopping for Pregnant Women is Fun

Do not approach it as a tedious commitment that must be finished as quickly as possible. Do not grab the first caught sight your clothes the category “Fashion for pregnant women” because you become and practical. Enjoy the moment real and most importantly – do not change your style just because you expect a child! With a little trick and combinativeness you can choose the most basic one stylish and comfortable wardrobe, fully consistent with your lifestyle and your new body.

Why Clothes for Pregnant Women, Not Just Zoom?

Some women decide that a mere nine months in which only about five or six with drastically altered forms of the body is unnecessary to buy special clothes for pregnant and can simply spend a looser dresses, leggings and loose shirts. In fact, this strategy could work for a while, but not in the last trimester of pregnancy. And not just about whether you look good (no!), And for body comfort you will need more than ever. During pregnancy, even in a controlled increase in weight increases not only the belly of the woman, but the bust, hips and even notice! – Her feet. All this requires early to take care of some shopping to move with calm and confidence in this truly beautiful and magical time of your life.

When can Get “Special” Wardrobe?

To have more time to wear them, buy clothes for pregnant early. Still not a good idea to do it before 9-10 weeks of pregnancy as yet does not have a real idea of ??the changes in your body and the direction in which the forms and go your weight. In some cases, however, especially if you bid faster reasonably can get “special” clothes earlier, to feel comfortable. However everything is individual and depends in no small part from your previous preferred style of dress. If you’ve been supporter of closer or severely tailored clothes, is likely to experience a need to change as soon as your tummy starts to grow.

Practical Advice

    • Combine your new clothes for pregnant with things from her usual wardrobe – jackets, scarves, and why not more elastic blouses. The stylish pregnant does not hide her tummy and knows how to dress so as to highlight their situation and at the same time look elegant.
    • Stress free falling and aerial fabrics such as silk jersey, lycra and simplified patterns. Better refrain from ruffles, frills and pleats that will give excessive volume of the already naedryalato your body.
    • Feel free to wear bright but not garish colors and combine it with a neutral. Large prints are not particularly good idea, but the fine print of delicate flowers as you give extra romantic charm.
    • Do not forget the details and accessories – a beautiful scarf, stylish bag, massive necklace or earrings spectacular … All this shows people that even in this delicate situation you’re stylish, confident woman who appreciates beauty and enjoys life.
    • Wear special underwear for pregnant in size suitable for you. If enough quality, it should be natural breathable fabrics, with moderate elasticity, which will give a certain firmness of the body, pleasant comfort and a good line of clothing.

Ama and Shoes You?!

Yes, unfortunately you will need to collect in the closet for a while favorite 15-inch heels and trust in something more stable and widely. In any case, it is not a particularly good idea to wear normal shoes before pregnancy. During these months that you lie ahead, ankles and feet you will often swell and swell, making it even more urgent need for new comfortable shoes. In recent weeks, the weight of the baby and the increased stomach will make you somewhat unstable and unwieldy. It is therefore important shoe is low and massive current or platform that can provide you with more security when walking.

Avoid also absolutely equal flat shoes, since the extra weight have a burden on the arch of the foot and you can cause permanent deformation.

It is likely somewhere from mid-pregnancy to begin to feel uncomfortable in their normal shoe size. Brave buy one or two sizes too big and do not worry – after birth and recovery period everything will fall into place.