How to Look Elegant and Stylish

Some say dress is so elegant is just a matter of combining the top to the bottom. Others declare that know how to use social clothing is rather be really stylish. Fashionistas, however, report that assemble stylish looks is how to compose the look completely, much appreciating your body as your way to be trendy style and highlight your best look. It sounds complicated? But it is not.

Looks Agreement Elegant with Your Body

Assemble stylish looks is not complicated. But respect your body type is too complex for some people. We must always appreciate what you have the best and hide imperfections. Now that’s being elegant and is a trick used since deliverers letters to the famous carpet Hollywood .Everyone, at some point in life, uses a clothing to enhance or bring down a trace her.

Looks Elegant for Who is Very High

The high heels always fairly valued femininity in the visual, but not always indicated. Who has more than 1.80 cm may prefer crawling or well shorties heels, no more than 2 centimeters. Shoes are stylish and value the look of the woman and may have a slight little jump.

Women with high with too thick legs should run from very short dresses listed on, because too lengthen still high. This will let them visually higher than the majority of the population, and is not elegant. Flee also trousers with low waist too, a little more common than in the other body types because excessive show.

If you are the type high and too long neck, still flee sweaters turtleneck. Do not want to make the giraffe’s nickname, is not it? vertical stripes is another pattern that you should escape it. It is not elegant and it is not discreet.

Suggestions elegant combinations:

  • Slacks, shoes with low heels, purse shoulder and social blouse with three quarter sleeve.
  • Dress cocktail dresswith median jump.
  • Cropped dress with heels and medium cluth.

Looks Elegant for Who is Chubby

To be defined measures is no reason not to use elegant look. But it takes more care than the others. A few rules most women know, escape blouses with polka dots and horizontal stripes.

Dresses with prints, contrary to what most think, look good on women with extra measures. There must be a careful only to use too large designs such as large sheets or huge flowers, it will let the people feel that you gained weight. But prints with maximum in the drawings two centimeters are cool.

Jackets and blazers over T-shirts with well tailored waist show your measurements with style and hide unwanted flab. But use fine fabrics and careful what you will wear underneath. The rule is simple: blazer with print requests blouse color and vice versa. If you print on any of the pieces, pants or skirt should be smooth.

Still flee pants with wider mouths and too tight, not value their measures. Cuts with slightly loose waist and even cut (measured just slightly paras thighs and slightly tapered) is your perfect pants long, both jeans and social. Get away from too short shorts if you have joined thighs. The same goes for mini skirts.

Still flee pants or skirt high waist. Too low either. The traditional model is the most suitable if there are extra measures in the belly.

Suggestions elegant combinations:

  • Dressed in blazer and slim social jump (scarpan, for example)
  • Just social skirt with thin blouse and loose and blazer
  • Dress just with blazer and median length (not much above the thigh)

Looks Stylish to Who is Very Slim

Being fat can be a problem for fashion, and be too thin, too. Some clothes are completely dull and run to the opposite side of the elegant looks when dressed. horizontal stripes? Forget. Prints minimalists? Forget too. They end up showing further the lack of weight in your body and that’s not cool.

What you can use to not look as lean are more loose looks. Belts are great because they add measures the waist. Transparent blouses without showing much are cool and not just income blouses add measures as well. Flee high and regattas blouses collar if you have very thin arms. ¾ sleeve prefer loose.

Use and abuse of prints. If you are too thin, the kind that is barely enough to see body fat, prints are always welcome. tribal and minimalist prints are charming and go well in formal and informal events.

Suggestions elegant combinations:

  • Pencil skirt with blouse loose sleeve social and high heels ¾
  • Skirt draped with T-shirt sleeve – let butt and wider legs and high heels thick
  • Leather coats and heavy sweaters with stripes and basic jeans not stuck with tennis shoe or social