How To Learn Snowboarding

Videoblog: How To Learn Snowboarding

My name is Diana, I am passionate about snow sports and this led me to enjoy the experience of recording this videoblog in Formigal, an outstanding season in the Aragonese Pyrenees. 

It is a short video, synthetic and basics to learn snowboarding and so, your first contact with snow or in your beginning, your learning is more fluid and natural. You can view it at home, where I recommend that you put foot and imitate the positions which I explain or exemplified, that will allow you to learn faster movements and thus, with the table on your feet and on the ground, you’ll be much easier. Also on the slopes, from your Smartphone, tablet, etc. are many concepts and new moves, so can stop the videoblog which interests you and try what you’ve heard.

At first, they look like you forced, and even unnatural movements. From my point of view, beginning with the table to learn snowboarding are harder, the anatomical position in the table does not allow you easily maintain balance, since you have both subject to the same surface feet, however the ski does not happen to this. But… don’t worry!, when you assimilate these movements and see that making pressure on the relevant parts of your table, this will easily respond.

With practice and understanding the movements that you have to make up your table, your beginnings will be much easier!!Been snow also favours the process of learning, therefore if you arrive very early to the tracks and the snow is too hard or is there much ice, tries to find areas where there is Sun and areas with small slope, since the table with that kind of snow Slidesmuch faster.