How to Know if Baby Is Born

Unless you have a scheduled cesarean, it is difficult to determine when and how the baby will be born , however, in the final stretch the body gives some signs.

How to Know if Baby Is Born

A gestation lasts 280 days which corresponds to 9 months and some days.

From the 37th, the baby is considered to be of term and ready to be born. But in recent weeks the anxiety of parents, especially, of moms increases.

There are some signs that the body is preparing for childbirth. But no pregnancy is the same as another and these signs vary greatly from woman to woman.

How to know that the baby will be born?

The baby and his body prepare for this wonderful moment. Nature is fantastic and gives signs that the moment is about to happen. Among the most common signs are:


Exit of the cap or mucus plug, a gelatinous discharge that may or may not contain blood rays. This may come weeks before the birth or a few hours before.


Breaking the bag of water can be partial or total. In either case it is a sign that you should go to the maternity or hospital.

# 3

Regular contractions that shorten in time and increase in intensity and duration. In the last weeks of pregnancy is very normal to feel the belly to get tough, are contractions irregular, painless contractions called Braxton-Hicks or training.

# 4

One of the little spoken signals that indicates the time of childbirth is the increase in the mother’s energy, often the day before or even the very day the pregnant woman gets extra energy. This energy often gives the will to clean the house. Tidy up the nest for the baby’s arrival as the older people say. The truth is that the body is preparing for labor.

Doctors advise that the pregnant woman have the bag ready from the 37th, at this time the risk of childbirth happens increases and must be prepared for the moment.