How to Knit Hooded Coat

There are hardly any clothes that are comfortable hoodies, Hooded Jackets and coats in the cold season. 

Not even can be found? Then, these instructions for an even knitted hooded coat is the right choice for you!

That you need:

  • Cut paper
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Tape measure
  • grey wool, (washable Virgin wool-mix), barrel length approx. 1000 g approx. 40 m / 50 g
  • Knitting needles, no. 10-12
  • Sewing Kit
  • large buttons


Draw a pattern cut to calculating the required stitches and rows number and how to set up the knitting itself first in between:

For the front, draw a rectangle with a width of 44 cm and a length of 74 cm. The paper lengthwise center fold (22 x 74 cm), the folding edge is the center of the front part. Create a rounding the front neckline: she’s in 6 cm deep on the edge of the folding and expires on the shoulder in a width of 16 cm. Draw a rectangle with a width of 48 cm and a length of 74 cm for the back piece. The paper lengthwise center fold (24 x 74 cm), while the hem is the middle of the back part. Create a rounding the back neckline: you is in the folding edge 2 cm deep and expires on the shoulder in a width of 16 cm. For the sleeve an equilateral trapezoidal draw: at the cuffs, it has a width of 24 cm, at the base of the shoulder, it is 34 cm wide with a total height of 56 cm.

Next, work a tension in smooth knitting pattern (1 garter STS, 1 R. li) and determine the number of stitches and rows number needed for a size of 10 x 10 cm. Convert all measurements in the pattern in stitches and rows (write directly on the cut). At the sleeves it is advisable at 5 cm intervals to measure towards widening the shoulder sleeve width and also to convert in stitches, so that you can determine how many stitches in between must be increased.

Begin by knitting:

Two sleeves in the smooth knitting patterns work. To the calculated number of stitches cast on, discretion, an approx. 6 cm high rib (M. K1, P1 STS), then continue in the smooth knitting pattern, until the desired height of the sleeve is reached. This constantly increasing according to calculation on the pattern.The final length of the sleeve is reached, cast off all STS.

Two against same front knit (each as large, as the half cut): to each the calculated number of stitches cast on and knit in the smooth knitting pattern, with a knitted two counter-rotating braids with a mesh width of 6 stitches in the middle. Between the two braids work 4 stitches in the smooth knitting patterns. The length is reached, up to the neck opening as many stitches as calculated after take off, that the neck like on the pattern cut runs. Each cast off the remaining STS for shoulder.

Knit back piece in the same manner, but in a piece of work, i.e. in the overall size of pattern cutting. To achieve this work 6 STS in the smooth knit along mid back. The right and left of them create the same cable pattern, such as on the front. Connect to the both sides work on the braids again 4 STS in the smooth knitting patterns and a simple braid. All other stitches in the smooth knitting patterns work. Knit to the height of the neckline, then cut according to take off. Cast off the remaining STS for shoulder.


To finish of the mantle the front and the back part (have sleeve holes!) on the longitudinal edges, and in the shoulder area with mesh stitch sew. Sew the never-ending. Record along the neckline from each edge stitch one stitch and work the hood: all mesh in the smooth knitting patterns knit 20 cm. Then distribute the STS on two needles; the rear center of the hood is located between the two needles. From now on take off in every second row: to each knit the two last or first stitches at the back centre right. According to a height of about 10 cm cast off the remaining STS. Place the end of the hood right and the cast off stitches in the mesh stitch sew together resulting in the shape of the hood.

Then work the edges: along the front edge and the edge of the Hood from each edge stitch take a mesh and a rib high of approximately 3 cm (M. K1, 1 STS li) knit. Bind off all stitches and sew the thread end. Discretion sew large buttons to close the jacket. Alternatively work button holes into the cuffs on the front right side.

Finally, insert the sleeve: put this right and sew the lengthwise edges together.Insert then installment into the sleeve holes of the liner and sew.

Tip: For an optimal fit adjust the keypad (such as sleeve length) before continuing to their body weight!