How to Insert Chinese Balls

Preparations are accelerating, the first terms are settled and you tackle most of (the decoration of your marriage) work. To avoid head, here are a few tips and tricks about the famous balls of paperyou know, these Chinese balls hanging from ceilings using both light and room decoration!

How many Chinese balls allow for a decoration?

According to bestcraftblog, the number of Chinese balls for a decoration of room (of marriage for example) varies depending on the place you want to decorate and the size paper balls. Example, if your present standard dimensions, that is to say with high ceilings (more than 3 meters high), choose a standard size lanterns 30 or even 40 cm would be ridiculous given the volume of the room to decorate. You will then be brought to choose 50 cm or 70 cm lanterns to ‘fill the void’ and bring some decoration appropriate compared to places.

Calculate the number of necessary lamps

Thus, at original marriage, we have established very simple calculation to decorate a room full of paper lanterns:

A room whose ceiling would be about 3 to 4 meters in height must be decorated with Chinese balls with a diameter of 50 cm. Required for on an area of 10 m2 of ceiling, 2 or 3 lights (50 cm).

The method of calculation will be as follows:

  • 10 m 2 = 4 slots of 50 cm
  • 100 m2 = 40 lanterns of 50 cm
  • 200 m2 = 80 50 cm lanterns and so forth J

N.B. This method of calculation is obviously not valid if you want to have a few lanterns only above tables your guests (as a cluster of lamps). If you want to mix tassels of paper, you will need twice less lanterns!

Our Tip:

The purpose of this calculation is to advise you on the many balls of paper to buy, but also to show you a few tricks to create a decoration of wedding at the height of the event Hall. Choosing large-format balls will allow you actually:

-To create a dream wedding

-But also to simply place your paper balls (choose larger paper balls will allow you to dispose of less and save time)! Which is not negligible the day before J.

Light or no balls of paper?

Japanese balls are much more romantic and nice one enlightened times. Between a naked lantern, and a lit lantern, there is one big difference: in the first case your marriage will be simply “decorated” and it will be already very well as lanterns can really dress up ceilings and decorate a harmonious room! In the second case, you éclairerez your lanterns, and you will get a marriage cozy, charming, and warm decoration.

How to set up lighting in Chinese balls?

It is not as complicated as it looks to light paper balls. Needless to call an electrician to get a decoration party informed with our paper lanterns! Each ball is sold without lighting system. Simply insert a mini led (mini led bulb) inside each Lantern. To do this, here are our tips to illuminate your lanterns of paper.